Blu Sleep Products Launches Dynamic, Colorful and Informative New Website

As part of their continued expansion, Blu Sleep Products has introduced its new website: This is one more step in the pillow, mattress and bedding company’s explosive growth over the past few years. In addition to its own showroom in Las Vegas, a new warehouse and distribution facility in Florida and a nationwide sales representatives system that covers nearly all 50 states, Blu Sleep has also introduced new foam and latex pillows and mattress lines at each of the past three Las Vegas markets.

Boldly proclaiming, “We are different!” and highlighting the European-inspired design, materials and fashion features of its mattresses and pillows, this new site has a clean, contemporary presentation of attractive sleep products for a young and dynamic family.

Announcing its mission “to develop and offer sleep systems that meet every need and expectation by blending health, quality of product and your sleeping comfort,” the company promises “to offer the very best available in sleep innovation.” The new site features prominent displays of the company’s new e-motion adjustable bed bases as well as an introduction to the company’s newest bold, vibrant and modern Expressions latex mattresses for today’s contemporary and active young adults; an affordable yet comfortable mattress line that “provides a restful, restorative sleep for the leaders of tomorrow.”

Customers can easily find their way through the site picking out individual categories and product lines such as the super-plush Air Flow Pillow Collection, the Ice-Gel pillow collection, the Somni Mattress line, the Somni Pure Latex Line or the ever-evolving and colorful Nature pillow collection. The mattress and pillow collections are defined by purity, luxury, style and comfort—words that evoke sensations of peace, calm, pleasure, and relaxation. Flowing easily and smoothly, the new website tells the story of the company, their uniquely breathable, airflow foam products and the lifestyle engendered by those items.