Blu Sleep Introduces New Dynamic Pillow Packaging

Keenly aware that attractive and informative packaging and displays play a key role in successful in-store retail sales, Blu Sleep Products is unveiling new packaging for its Cool Gel Essential Pillows at the summer Las Vegas Market.

“Our goal is always to create unique and innovative products, and at the same time to offer these products in attractive, compelling packaging that draws in consumers, “ said Elizabeth Dell’Accio, vice president of Blu Sleep Products. “We wanted to do something very different from other pillow and bedding brands, something to help the retailer, something that would be attractive and draw consumers in the store to our Blu Sleep line. To accomplish this, we turned to aquarelle art for our Gel Essential packaging.”

The carefully curated collection of Cool Gel Essential Pillows was designed to provide a pampered, spa-like experience. Inspired by the beneficial effects of aromatherapy, this pillow collection is made from premium Italian-foamed gel that is infused with Lavender, Chamomile and Cooling Aloe Vera. The art images on the new packaging represent the plant used in each of the pillows.

Commenting on the distinctive packaging, Dell’Accio pointed out, “Our coated aluminum protective bags are large enough to fully encase our extraordinary pillows. The airtight packaging locks in the freshness of the pillow and does not transfer any plastic or cardboard smell you normally get with traditional packaging. Our pillows are compressed and sealed to lock in freshness so consumers will be sure that their pillow is clean and fresh.”

Blu Sleep’s patented pillows and mattresses are designed to deliver a personalized pampering experience that results in a restorative and refreshing night’s sleep. Made with water-expanded foam, essential oils, enhanced airflow and unique constructions, the company’s product assortment aims to transform sleep into a nightly wellness ritual.