Better Understand What Makes a Mattress Healthy

Get all the information you need to know about what makes a mattress healthy - both inside and out - by attending the Sustainable Furnishings Council's Sustainability Essentials Webinar - How Well Can You Sleep on That Mattress?

Scheduled for June 18, 2015 at noon (EST), Industry experts will provide a wealth of information to help you learn your way around healthy sleep. Barry Cik, founder and CEO of Naturepedic, will explain what it takes to build a mattress that is not only perfectly comfortable but also perfectly safe for your health and the planet's; Bedfax creator, Dale Reed of Specialty Sleep Association will talk about how the site can help you understand what is in your mattress; and Robert Demianew of Control Union - a GOTS certifier - will expound on how GOTS certification is the best way to know your textiles are safe.

Content also includes a synopsis of GREENleaders, the industry first certified sustainability training course. This webinar is intended to give participants useful information you can begin using in your business immediately as well as answer any questions you may have about getting the most out of SFC membership.  Open Q&A session after the presentation.

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About the Sustainable Furnishings Council: The Sustainable Furnishings Council is an educational and marketing organization, promoting healthy environments, inside and outside.  A balanced coalition of industry players, SFC was founded at High Point, NC in October 2006 to promote sustainable practices among manufacturers, retailers, and consumers alike.