Beautyrest Urges Consumers To Be More Awake

Be More Awake Campaign

In an effort to highlight the impact sleep has on our waking successes and challenge consumers to rethink the role the mattress plays in their everyday lives, Beautyrest will launch its new Be More Awake campaign on May 14th. All aspects of the campaign work together to demonstrate the direct correlation between healthy sleep and an individual’s ability to reach their full potential.

Emphasizing the prevalence and consumer acceptance of insufficient sleep, the multi-media campaign will include national TV spots as well as social and digital content. Through visceral elements and bold imagery, the new campaign underscores the value of a premium mattress in making individuals more present, focused and energized each day.

“The Be More Awake campaign reminds consumers that in order to reach their full personal potential, they need a mattress with advanced technology and one that fits their individual needs,” said Warren Kornblum, chief marketing officer at Serta Simmons Bedding. “The Beautyrest brand, along with our retail partners, is uniquely positioned to guide consumers through the purchasing journey to find their own best mattress. We don’t believe that one mattress design fits all people. Ultimate restorative sleep can only be achieved by sleeping on the perfect mattress for you and that is likely not the same one that’s perfect for me. It’s time to talk about the elements that make up an exceptional sleep experience rather than one-size-fits-all.”

Partnership with Max Richter’s SLEEP

To further affirm the impact an optimal sleep experience can have on one’s waking success, the brand has partnered with renowned composer, Max Richter, to bring SLEEP, an eight-hour lullaby exploring the restorative journey our bodies experience at night, to North America. Now making its way to New York on May 4th and 5th, the immersive, overnight concert experience was developed in tandem with a neuroscientist and premiered in Austin, TX in March. Instead of watching the concert in traditional seating, attendees in both cities are asked to sprawl out on Beautyrest mattresses to fully engage in the unique musical journey.

“The opportunity to partner with Max Richter is a perfect fit for the Beautyrest brand,” Beautyrest SXSWsaid Kornblum. “We both recognize that sleep is an active state where restorative forces are at work overnight preparing us to be our best selves the next day, and what better way to communicate our unrivaled mattress technology than by allowing people to experience it first-hand…for eight hours.”

Partnership With Sleep Researcher, Dr. Rebecca Robbins

In addition to the Be More Awake campaign and Max Richter SLEEP partnership, Beautyrest will continue to elevate the sleep conversation through its continued partnership with Dr. Rebecca Robbins, a sleep researcher at NYU, whose career is centered around generating awareness of the importance of sleep and its impact on the next day. “My personal career mission is to promote awareness about the link between our sleep and waking success – in all aspects of life,” said Dr. Robbins. “Studies show that optimal sleep has a plethora of benefits, including increased productivity and resilience during the day, an ability to retain more information and much more, which is why the story Beautyrest is telling about being more awake is so important.”

Beautyrest Philanthropy

Fostering the belief that quality sleep should be accessible to everyone, Beautyrest is committed to supporting charitable organizations. Along with partner, Universal Music Group, Beautyrest will be donating over 300 mattresses to people in need after each SLEEP performance. In New York City, the mattresses will be donated to the Pajama Program to support families and children in five boroughs. In Austin, the mattresses were donated to both SAFE Austin and the Austin Disaster Relief Network.

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