ViscoSoft Unveils New Website And Sleep Personality Quiz

ViscoSoft has revamped its website to target the growing bed-in-a-box category. The new site seeks to offer quality, comfort and choice to consumers searching for a memory foam mattress, pillow or mattress protector online.

The products featured on the site are from the Muse collection, ViscoSoft’s newest line of high-performance sleep solutions. The site was designed to prompt first-time visitors to complete a Sleep Personality Quiz to determine which products from the line are best suited for them based on a series of questions related to their body type and sleep habits. The objective of the short quiz is to guide online shoppers quickly and easily through the selection process for what has traditionally been a complicated, pressure-driven sales experience.

Whether taking the quiz solo or with a partner, the quiz—through a series of questions—will guide consumers to the mattress comfort level (soft, medium or firm) and pillow height (extra low, low, medium or high) that would best meet their needs. Once the questionnaire is complete, the website encourages customers to request an email with their product recommendations for future reference.

In addition to the Sleep Personality Quiz, the new site features live, on-site chat support; an instructional unboxing video to guide new customers through the set up of a Muse mattress and a blog that contains posts related to bedtime rituals, midnight snacks and other cheery sleep related content.