5 Bedding Trends from the 2017 Winter Las Vegas Market

There’s no question that the Winter Las Vegas Market has cemented its place as the preeminent bedding show in the industry. With plenty of foot traffic throughout the hallways and a flurry of new products on display, last week’s market was no exception. Overall, the general outlook felt more positive than it has at recent markets—with showrooms visibly busy yet decidedly relaxed. Maybe it had something to do with the economic landscape, as reports of growing consumer confidence may have quelled some of the lingering anxieties that plagued the industry last year. Or perhaps it had more to do with the introductions themselves—and the fact that the number of major product debuts was noticeably limited. Rather than launching huge never-before-seen innovations, many companies instead unveiled strategic updates to their existing offerings. As a whole, the focus of the Winter Market seemed to be on making bedding programs more saleable in today’s changing marketplace.

Here are the five biggest trends we saw at the Winter Las Vegas Market.

As the old saying goes, the proof is in the details. Many bedding manufacturers took this advice to heart at market, as they unveiled a number of new point-of-sale features. From simple hang-tags to easy-to-understand product categorization to dynamic in-store displays, we saw strategic marketing updates designed to help simplify the shopping experience by clearly communicating key product features and benefits. These updates not only help customers better understand what they’re buying, but serve as valuable reminders for RSA’s who may be struggling to keep track of all the key details for a multitude of different products. 


Kingsdown Body Science

A long-time leader in sleep science, Kingsdown is doing much more than communicating benefits and features at the point-of-sale. At market, the company debuted a dynamic in-store program that actively engages with the consumer to guide them to the best sleep system for their individual needs. Utilizing more sleep science data than any other company in the industry, the company’s newly-expanded Body Science Technology is designed to guide consumers toward their correct level of mattress support. With a non-obstrusive in-store kiosk and an easy-to-understand labeling system, Kingsdown has made installing the new program as seamless as possible for retailers. Customers simply head to the kiosk to fill out a series of questions about their body type, sleep style and habits. Once the survey is complete, the kiosk determines the proper Postural Alignment level for their unique needs. Each mattress in the Kingsdown portfolio, along with a wider brand-agnostic selection of mattresses, is clearly categorized along the Postural Alignment Spectrum—with the level of each bed properly identified through an easy-to-understand color-coded labeling system. Because the program syncs with a wide range of options across all price points, customers can be confident that they’re not simply buying a more expensive mattress—but investing in the proper ergonomic support for their individual needs. By providing an easy-to-use diagnostic program that is backed by hard data, Kingsdown helps retailers establish a new level of objectivity in the mattress buying process. Visit kingsdown.com.


Sealy Performance Mattress

One of the most comprehensive debuts of the winter market came from Sealy, as the company unveiled a major rebrand of its full line-up based on extensive consumer research. Positioning the entire portfolio under the iconic Sealy brand, each mattress line touts a distinct iteration of its exclusive “Posturepedic Technology”—utilizing high quality memory foam or pocketed coil materials to deliver additional support in the center zone of the mattress. In support of this overall rebranding strategy, Sealy also revamped its mattress labeling program to more effectively communicate the key details of each offering—which can often be confusing to the casual mattress shopper. In addition to brandishing a new Posturepedic Technology logo, each label highlights the distinct features of that particular mattress using simple symbols. With a graphic icon representing each unique benefit, such as MoistureProtect moisture-wicking technology or SealyCool Gel Memory Foam, the company’s new labeling program is visually compelling and easy-to-understand. This allows consumers to get the full picture of each offering’s benefits with just a glance. Not only does this help customers more easily zero in on the products they’re looking for, but it serves as a visual reminder for RSAs as well. Visit sealy.com.



One of the most common problems facing the bedding industry today is the fact that mattresses are still predominantly sold as a commodity. The challenge for retailers and manufacturers is often convincing consumers about the importance of product quality - and how that can influence sleep quality. As a “sleep technology” company, Reverie unveiled a new in-store marketing program that focuses on communicating the intuitive benefits of its product portfolio. The new POP includes display stands that feature high-quality video content, designed to start the conversation around the importance of sleep. The company recently completed a sleep research study with Michigan State University. The study found that, when sleeping on a Reverie sleep system, participants saw a 35% reduction in daytime sleepiness, higher nighttime comfort and a more positive mood upon waking. These results were even better when sleepers used the company’s new 3D Wave Massage technology. By balancing eye-catching POP and meaningful educational resources, Reverie is helping retailers guide their customers toward higher quality, superior comfort and real sleep benefits. Visit reverie.com.

Wright Global Graphics

Wright Global Graphics Showroom Solutions

For companies looking to develop their own dynamic point-of-sale materials, Wright Global Graphics continues to offer quality, custom marketing solutions. With the goal of providing support where and when their customers need it, Wright spotlighted two unique programs at market. The company’s new Wright Global Graphics Marketplace is an innovative e-commerce platform that makes it easy for busy retailers to create customized marketing materials. Open 24/7, the Marketplace provides high-resolution printing on high-quality satin labels, offering more than 20 different label designs and a wide variety of color and images options. With two-day shipping and low minimums, this new automated system was designed to eliminate the stress of ordering customized labels. In addition to the new Marketplace, WGG also expanded its Showroom Solutions Express program to include a broader range of in-store displays—adding new banner, lighted silicone frame, signage and freestanding graphic options to its existing pillow sham, accent pillow and foot protector offerings. This updated program also offers quick-shipping and low minimum orders. With the Marketplace and Showroom Solutions, WGG is making it easy to develop a truly eye-catching point-of-sale program. Visit wrightglobalgraphics.com

Bedding accessories are no longer an afterthought, but an integral piece to increasing overall sales. By building greater brand affinity or trust in the retailer, accessories sales can be a valuable first step towards bigger ticket purchases down the line—especially for customers who might not yet be ready to invest in a high-end mattress. Of course, having a robust accessories program can deliver more immediate benefits as well. For a customer who is already committed to replacing their mattress, accessories give retailers a chance to boost that individual sales ticket. With diverse product lines, customized programs and dedicated sales training, manufacturers of all kinds are dedicating more of their efforts on their accessories offerings.


 PureCare Body Chemistry

PureCare understands the power of accessories. A long-time leader in the category, the company has made serious gains over the past year because of its collaborative approach to dynamic top-of-bed programs. With the ultimate goal of promoting health and wellness, each PureCare product is developed to deliver real results—for both the sleeper and the retailer. By combining high-quality technical textiles and unique comfort materials, PureCare offers valuable differentiation across a wide range of product categories. The latest addition to the company’s extensive portfolio is the new Body Chemistry Pillow Collection: a seven-model line offers a range of different comfort feels and latex, memory foam, gel and down options. Each unique Body Chemistry pillow features a cover made from Celliant—a mineral-based technical textile that has been clinically proven to increase blood flow, improve recovery time and maximize the body’s thermoregulation. In addition to offering a clear benefit-driven sales story and beautiful aesthetics, this new line successfully builds upon PureCare’s SUB-0° Cooling Pillow Collection. The two lines share the same comfort feels and components, but offer two distinctly different benefit stories—which creates a valuable new sales opportunity for retailers by making it easy for them to offer a wider range of personalized solutions. The addition of the Body Chemistry line reflects PureCare’s enduring commitment to creating innovative, retailer-centric accessories programs that are proven to drive sales. Visit purecare.com.


Product Focus Protect-A-Bed

Protect-A-Bed has been a leading provider of quality bedding protection products for 17 years. Today, the company’s line-up includes more than 1,8000 SKUs that deliver exceptional comfort and support across a wide range of product categories. Though the top-of-bed market has grown significantly over the years, it still remains an untapped resource for many retailers. In drafting its vision for 2017, the Protect-A-Bed leadership recognized this potential—and set out to design a program that would leverage its expertise in the category to help retailers accelerate their profits. With the goal of boosting add-on sales, the company unveiled its multi-level “Grow The Retail Basket” campaign at market. Designed to improve retailers’ incremental revenue, this new campaign focuses on six core areas of support: marketing, product, display, training, service and trust. In addition to customized in-store signage and display materials, the company is investing in more omni-channel marketing strategies that will boost awareness and drive more traffic to retailers. With a renowned RSA training program and best-in-class customer service, the company is dedicated to delivering real solutions for the individual needs of its retail partners. Not only does this new campaign underscore the intrinsic value of Protect-A-Bed’s accessories line-up, it provides actionable support for all retailers looking to boost their sales. Visit protectabed.com.

Talalay Global

Talalay Global Pillow

Believing in “the power of the pillow,” Talalay Global takes one of the most important bedding accessories and simplifies the selection process with its new three-model pillow line up: Talalay Active, featuring a classic Talalay core; Talalay Down, made from pure, shredded Talalay; and Talalay Copper, featuring a copper-infused Talalay core for anti-bacterial properties. Measuring 19 x 30 inches and covered in alabaster fabric with 3.5 inch grey ribbon around its perimeter, each pillow will sport its name in bold, color-coded embroidery: red for Talalay Active, white for Talalay Down and rust for Talalay Copper. “Because mattress shopping is a common trigger for a pillow purchase,” noted Talalay Global President and CEO Kim Fisher, “we want to push pillow awareness and its connection to a good night’s sleep with both RSAs and consumers.” The company intends to enhance this focus of pillows as an effective add-on opportunity with future RSA training. Visit talalayglobal.com.



Bedgear once again made a major impact at market with its bold branding, creative showroom and wide portfolio of performance bedding products. This market saw the company further position itself as a “lifestyle” brand, more closely aligning with the growing health and wellness trend in addition to its athletic aesthetic. In doing so, the company focused on providing retailers with the “complete performance sleep system”—from mattresses to pillows, sheets, protectors and much more. While each bedgear product is sold individually, the company has incorporated many of the same key features and technologies across different segments—including its advanced Dri-Tex fabric and Air-S panels. Additionally, all of bedgear’s textiles undergo a complete airflow rating system called CFM, which measures the rate at which air passes through the fabric. This not only helps retailers create a clear step-up story but communicate how increased airflow helps sleepers maintain an optimal body temperature throughout the night. By maintaining a level of brand consistency throughout its entire portfolio, bedgear effectively signals to consumers that its wide range of accessory products are designed to complement one another. This “complete system” sales approach helps simplify the buying process for the consumers, and creates more up-selling opportunities for retailers. Visit bedgear.com.

The e-commerce retail market has continued to grow steadily over the past few months, with online sales notably outpacing traditional brick-and-mortar stores in December. As traditional retailers look for new ways to keep up with the multitude of low-cost, direct-to-consumer bedding brands, more veteran manufacturers have invested in creating better quality easy-ship options. From roll-packed bed-in-a-box lines to UPS-able knockdown foundations, these savvy new products not only help retailers compete online—they also provide valuable warehousing and shipping solutions. By touting higher quality alongside greater convenience, these new easy-ship products are helping retailers connect with a wider customer base. As this segment continues to mature, it may not be long before fully turn-key sleep systems (with a mattress, base, protect, pillow and sheets) are available as well.

Classic Brands

Classic Brands Visco Mattress

Expanding on its e-commerce success, Classic Brands unveiled a new, compelling and competitive memory foam line-up that merges memory foam, gel-infused memory and poly foams. With retails ranging from $399 to $699, this new collection will target retailers looking for promotional beds to catch potential consumers’ eyes. In addition to the new memory foam line, Classic Brands showcased its 5-Minute Foundation – an easy-ship, easy-to-assemble knockdown foundation. Updated from its original 2012 introduction with upholstered side rails that include a unique locking system, a center rail and a slatted crossbar system that easily rolls out, this sturdy foundation features an innovative design that allows it to fit in a single box perfect for FedEx or UPS shipping. “Our knockdown foundation is a natural evolution for the category, and we expect to see significant growth in this area,” asserted Michael Zippelli, President and CEO of Classic Brands. Visit classicbrands.com.

Boyd Specialty Sleep

Product Focus Boyd Specialty Sleep Easy Adjust

Leveraging both of its warehouses for quick, easy delivery, Boyd introduced its most expansive Broyhill offerings yet. The four-bed Broyhill Sapphire line boasts a foam-encased, individually wrapped coil unit and both gel memory and Gel Lux foams. The higher tier, three-bed Broyhill Onyx collection features a foam-encased, tri-zone innerspring with encased coils in addition to gel memory foam and Gel Lux foam. Both the Sapphire and Onyx lines also sport Boyd’s new cooling Ice Fiber technology in the covers. Exclusively developed for brick-and-mortar stores to better compete with e-tailers, these new lines combine unique selling propositions with nation-wide brand names and reliable, fast shipping. Boyd also released a series of new platform beds uniquely designed to fold in the middle, resulting in single-box delivery that both simplifies the shipping process as well as provides a cost savings to the consumer. Visit boydspecialtysleep.com.


Eclipse International Bed-In-A-Box

Dressed in a sophisticated, all-black knit cover for an upscale, contemporary look, Eclipse’s foray into the boxed-bed market – Sol – touts high-end fills like New Zealand Joma wool, Talalay Latex, visco-gel foam and a heavy-duty, high-density poly foam all selected specifically for better resiliency and optimal support. Available in firm, plush and euro-top designs, Sol has a slightly higher retail range of $999 to $1,999 than pure e-commerce brands due to its premium components, but will still allow retailers to capitalize on the growing category by providing easy delivery options enabling consumers to take their bed with them or have it shipped directly to their house. Visit eclipsemattress.com.


OMI REST Mattress

OMI is making certified organic mattresses more approachable for the average consumer. The company’s new REST Collection offers a lower price tag and more convenient shipping—in addition to customized comfort—without any harmful chemicals. The full organic latex/pocket coil collection is comprised of two different models: the Stella and the Rossa. Both feature the same encased pocket coil construction and certified organic latex surface, but the Rossa is made with a zippered cover and a split configuration. This dual construction allows the consumer to manually adjust the comfort level on both sides of the bed, making it easy to personalize the mattress to their unique needs. As the pocket coil is encased in a biodegradable, plant-derived fabric, this new option retains the stringent organic certifications upon which OMI has built its brand. In addition to offering a more approachable $1,995 price point, OMI will also make the Rossa available for online marketing and sales—two firsts for the company. The company will offer drop-shipping directly to the consumer with the mattress delivered straight to their door in three boxes. Each boxed bed comes with easy-to-understand assembly instructions and a branded opener. With the Rossa, OMI is making it easy for retailers to connect with the growing number of consumers who are looking for organic products. Visit omimattress.com.

Temperature regulation has been a major buzzword in the bedding industry for quite a while now, but it looks like it’s finally starting to catch on with consumers. While many different “cooling” features have come and gone, the winter market saw a number of new and improved technologies. In addition to delivering more consistent temperature-regulation (which is important for the many consumers who struggle with sleeping hot), these new products also offer valuable health and hygiene benefits by helping to maintain a cleaner sleep system. With better technology and smarter systems, these companies allow the consumer to actually see and feel the “cooling” properties in-store—making it easier for retailers to communicate the benefits. Beyond simply creating a more experiential sales strategy, this advanced innovation plays into the larger trends to personalized bedding solutions—as consumers can see how the product actively reacts to their temperature needs.


Customatic Therm-a-Sense Mattress

Customatic has responded to the growing consumer demand for cooling with its new Therm-A-Sense mattress. The advanced sleep system delivers superior climate control through a uniquely zoned construction that enables users to adjust the temperature for both their upper and lower body—in addition to offering individualized control for both sides of the mattress. Using exclusive patented technology, the mattress maintains “continuous climate comfort” through a thin, flexible performance material positioned underneath the top surface layer of the bed. Additionally, there is an interior “extraction unit” that pulls excess heat and air out of the mattress and through a side-channel vent. Users can adjust the temperature of the zones with a handheld remote. By combining these two technologies, Customatic not only provides greater climate regulation—it also eliminates the possibility of condensation or moisture accumulating within the bed. The memory foam mattress construction allows consumers to truly experience the heating and cooling in-store. With a price point that will range from $1,499 to $1,999, the Therm-A-Sense delivers tangible temperature regulation benefits to a wider range of consumers.
Visit customatic.com.


Malouf CarbonCool Z Pillow

Malouf unveiled the latest addition to its popular line-up of Z Pillows at market, delivering a one-of-a-kind combination of three different cooling technologies. The new CarbonCool + Omniphase Pillow is made from carbon-infused memory foam. Due to the open cell structure of the foam and the super-conductive properties of the graphite particles, this unique material is able to draw heat away from the head, face and neck. But Malouf didn’t stop there: the pillow also features Omniphase both infused into the memory foam and in a full layer on the surface of the product. This phase-change technology works to continuously absorb and transfer heat throughout the night, further enhancing its cooling abilities. To top it off, the pillow is then encased in a Tencel mesh cover—which not only natural absorb and release moisture, but creates a smoother outer finish. To highlight the superior cooling benefits of the CarbonCool + Omniphase Pillow, Malouf showcased the new product at market with a dynamic demo that will serve as inspiration for in-store retail displays. By isolating each individual material alongside the final product, the company made it easy to compare the advanced technologies to traditional memory foams. With an advanced product and strategic in-store marketing, Malouf has developed a program that is sure to be a hit in retail stores. Visit maloufsleep.com.


Symbol Sleep Fresh Mattress

Symbol has teamed up with Gentherm, a worldwide developer of thermal management technologies, to create its new three-bed SleepFresh collection. Priced to retail from $1,799 to $3,999 in queen, the SleepFresh line features high-density foam cores and steel foundations in addition to gel foams, gel memory foams, phase-change gel latex and ventilated foams, as well as graphite-infused memory foam layers to maintain temperature-neutrality. The heart of the design lies in the exclusive Climate Control Sleep System, located in the foundation, that has the capacity to heat, ventilate and cool. Each model offers zoned temperature regulation, with the topmost model affording the most substantial variations between heating and cooling. Coupled with performance athleisure fabrics that enhance breathability and wick moisture, the SleepFresh line-up provides a superlative, personalized sleep environment. Visit symbolmattress.com.

Blu Sleep

Blu Sleep

With a concise array of only its most popular offerings, Blu Sleep spotlighted the unparalleled quality of its all-foam bedding products. After an overwhelmingly positive response at last year’s summer market, the company officially unveiled its new dual-action cover on its mattress and pillow options this winter. Made from two uniquely breathable materials, this new cover serves as the perfect complement to its exclusively engineered Italian foams—creating an overall cooler and cleaner sleep environment. Made from all-natural Tencel, the fabric delivers superior moisture management by absorbing and releasing any humidity throughout the night. Additionally, each cover features the innovative new AirTex technology, a three-dimensional mesh fabric that not only provides a soft hand but offers maximum airflow capabilities. Following extensive testing, the company settled on this particular cover configuration because it most tangibly demonstrated the products' airflow capabilities—further differentiating Blu Sleep's pillows and mattresses from traditional foam offerings. Visit blusleepproducts.com.

Everyone knows it’s what’s on the inside that counts, but nevertheless, the power of an eye-catching look can be undeniable. When it comes to the so-called “sea of white” at most mattress stores, a little bit of color goes a long way. The cover styling is the first thing a mattress shopper sees when they walk into a store. While it might not be the only reason a person makes a purchase, fashionable ticking is an effective way to catch their attention—giving them a reason to want to learn more. We saw a number of unique styling updates at market, each of which went above and beyond standard “superficial” changes. Many of the new aesthetics were crafted around popular fashion and home decor trends, while others were designed though extensive consumer research and focus group testing.


Restonic Field of Dreams Mattress

Building upon the success of the award-winning ComfortCare Hybrid Signature collection, Restonic’s new Field Of Dream mattress boasted a new level of bold styling. Unveiled at market, this stand-out new bed features a bright color pattern and an eye-catching flower graphic—making it unlike anything else on the market. Combining phase-change Isotemp foam with Silver-level Outlast technology, the bed absorbs and releases heat to deliver superlative thermal comfort. As with all ComfortCare mattresses, it also features Restonic’s Marvelous Middle technology to minimize motion transfer, while an additional micro-coil layer provides added comfort and support. By repackaging many existing features and benefits with a statement-making new look, Restonic has created a unique statement piece—for both consumers and retailers. The bold styling is sure to catch the consumers eye, allowing retailers to explain many valuable features that can be found across all of Restonic’s product line up. Additionally, it helps create a refreshing new environment for mattress shopping. Evoking a relaxing image of springtime renewal, the Field of Dreams mattress is sure to brighten up any sleep showroom. Visit restonic.com.

Spring Air

Spring Air Back Supporter Elite

Spring Air made a dramatic presentation at the winter market, unveiling a fully updated version of its flagship Back Supporter Collection alongside the new Sleep Sense line. In addition to offering high-end comfort feels and quality components, both collections made a major impact with their distinctly modern styling. The new Back Supporter collection is richly dressed in highly texture furniture fabrics inspired by the latest fashion and color trends. The line is available in two top-of-bed treatments, both of which use an ultra-soft 3-D stretch knit top panel but showcase different bolster, foot protector and logo designs. Styled in grey, the top-of-bed treatments serve as an elegant complement to the tan and taupe palette featured in the mattress cover. This line-up sports stylish side-paneling made from a variety of different patterned fabrics, embroidery applications and complementary colors—and foundations upholstered in a textured, charcoal-hued fabric. For the new Sleep Sense line, the company zeroed in on a variety of textured upholstered furniture fabrics in blue and tan tones, connoting beach scenes and fresh sea breezes. When it came to updating the look and feel of these two new collections, Spring Air relied on extensive research iniatives—turning to interior designers and consumer focus groups to determine the final selection of cover fabrics. Nick Bates, the newly appointed President of Spring Air, noted that the goal was to present a “more modern, simple-yet-striking rendition of the brand.” As such, the company is confident that the new collection will not simply stand out on the retail floor, but truly resonate with consumers over the next several years. Visit springair.com.


Therapedic Bravura Fabric Details

One of the few major collection introductions at the winter market came from Therapedic. The company made a big splash with its new Bravura Collection, which delivers a wide range of different constructions across three mattress lines. Offering promotional, super-hybrid and specialty options, the Bravura equips retailers with a comprehensive set of distinct benefits and price points. Beyond simply providing quality feels, the company worked closely with textile producer Bekaert Deslee to develop an eye-catching visual look that reflects its unique music-inspired branding strategy. For the “super hybrid” beds, Therapedic opted for a top cover that subtly incorporates the G-Clef icon within a scroll motif that fades into a fashionable diamond pattern along the side-panels. For the specialty collection, Therapedic went with a high-dimension bone-white cover that mimics the look of a classic quilted pattern, and waterfalls into dark ebony side panels that feature a delicate silver pattern comprised of repeated eighth notes. These one-of-a-kind zip-covers were engineered in such a way to not only clearly communicate the theme, but evoke an upscale and elegant feel as well. The musical inspiration of the ticking complements the line’s in-store marketing materials, including signage that positions the mattresses alongside beautiful musical instruments. The pillow shams and foot protectors spotlight the Bravura logo, which mimics both the signage and ticking by incorporating an eighth note and a whimsical keyboard pattern. As a whole, the styling of the Bravura line creates an unmistakable look that is designed to immediately catch the eye of consumers as they walk into a retail space. Visit therapedic.com.



Inspired by the laid-back California state of mind, E.S Kluft crafted a simple and elegant aesthetic for its new Aireloom Preferred Collection. Debuted at the winter market, this new line features an updated version of the company’s “Pacific Plaid” border ticking. This eye-catching pattern has been patented, which allows the company to offer a unique level of exclusivity to its retail partners. With the option of three different soothing hues—Maritime Blue, Midnight Black and Sterling Gray—this new line will not only stand out next to other models on the showroom floor, but helps maintain differentiated distribution between retailers as well. Beyond that, the elegant styling also reinforces an overarching brand mentality that combines Old World craftsmanship with advanced technology. Through true artisan tailoring, each mattress is made with painstaking attention-to-detail to ensure that the plaid pattern is expertly and evenly stitched. The borders then serve as a visual indicator of the quality and craftsmanship that goes into each mattress—immediately signaling to the consumer that they can expect higher quality and greater performance. Made from Tencel fabrics, cotton upholstery and high-performance foams, in addition to micro coils and CelsionPlus Talalay Latex, the Preferred Collection delivers on that promise of quality—offering luxurious comfort and support. Visit aireloom.com.