5 Bedding Trends from the 2016 Fall High Point Market

As the bedding industry gears up for its big winter introductions, the feeling at this year’s fall High Point Market was akin to a calm before the storm. We’ve previously noted that the focus of the High Point show has shifted more towards furniture stores and designers—but it has proven to be a valuable opportunity for many department, chain and e-commerce retailers as well. As such, many bedding exhibitors have accommodated their High Point showrooms to support these goals: highlighting the versatility and diversity of their product portfolios. At the fall show, we saw a number of collection updates, styling refreshes and product soft launches as manufacturers welcomed and incorporated feedback from their retail partners. With an increased consumer interest in sleep health and an overall trend towards shopping convenience, this market showcased how retailers of all kinds can benefit from expanding their mattress and top-of-bed offerings to better support the varied needs of their customers.

Here are the five biggest trends we saw at the Fall High Point Market:


The continued growth of the e-commerce market has proven how many consumers prioritize convenience when it comes to mattress shopping. With this in mind, many traditional retailers are looking to simplify the buying experience by transforming their stores into one-stop-shops that service all of their customers’ sleep needs. Manufacturers are making this even easier by providing a wide range of bedding options under one brand name or collection. By offering products that can be sold individually or bundled together into a comprehensive package, this approach helps retailers maximize their add-on opportunities and increase their average sales tickets.

Wesley Allen

Wesley Allen is building upon its popular line-up of metal bed frames with the soft-launch of its first mattress collection. Geared towards designers and small independent furniture stores, the new hybrid mattress line-up collection starts at $999 and offers a dynamic sales story with three unique combinations of pocketed micro coils and advanced memory foam. Additionally, each mattress and foundation is UPS-able—making the sale even more convenient for the busy shopper. With quality construction, competitive prices and easy shipping, Wesley Allen’s new mattress line gives furniture retailers more opportunities to step their customers up from just purchasing a bed frame to investing in a full sleep system. Visit wesleyallen.com.


Malouf French Linen Duvet Cover SetFollowing the success of its French Linen sheeting, Malouf unveiled a new duvet cover set to complement the award-winning collection. The stylish new set includes a duvet cover and matching pillow shams made from pure linen derived from natural flax fibers. In addition to its inherent durability, linen offers advanced moisture management and a soft, breathable feel. Additionally, the duvet cover is made with a patent-pending eight-corner loop design to ensure that it lies flat on the bed without any bunching. For retailers looking to round out this stylish linen collection, the company also offers Down Blend and Down Alternative comforters that can be used with the new duvet set. All of the options within this line-up are valuable separates, but by coordinating their aesthetics and functionality, Malouf has created a logical opportunity for retailers to increase the sales ticket. Visit maloufsleep.com.   


Since its inception, Bedgear has been committed to changing the way people think about sleep through its comprehensive portfolio of “performance” bedding. Each Bedgear product is uniquely designed to support this brand mission—with its assortment of pillows, sheets, mattress protectors and blankets all sporting patented fabric technologies and eye-catching, high-energy styling. Made from advanced materials that wick away heat and moisture, regulate body temperature and maintain a cooler sleep environment, each offering can work in concert with one another to maximize the sleeper’s recovery during the night. Bedgear is making it easier for retailers to communicate this active lifestyle story with full-service experiential retail strategies—like the new “Bedgear Performance Bedding” store-within-a-store, which recently opened at Nebraska Furniture Mart’s Kansas City store. Visit bedgear.com. 

It’s long been known that, over time, mattresses can accumulate a significant amount of allergens and bacteria. While there is evidence that some of these figures are often inflated or sensationalized, this well-shared piece of information can still come as quite a shock to many consumers—and sometimes it can be the motivation they need to drive straight to the closest sleep shop and replace their mattress set. For retailers looking to provide clear answers to their customers’ hygeine concerns, there are a growing number of bedding options made with anti-microbial materials that help safeguard against unwanted pathogens. From full mattress collections to comprehensive protection programs, these advanced products are equipping retailers with science-based solutions that are sure to connect with their most health-conscious customer.


therapedic-bravura-collection-editTaking a creative approach to in-store marketing, Therapedic has bolstered its new Bravura collection with a classic rock-inspired styling. While the clever branding will pique the interest of many baby boomers, so too will the collection’s copper-infused memory foam or latex comfort layers—which offer a host of real health benefits. Studies have shown that copper is not only hypoallergenic, but contains anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties as well. In addition to maintaining a cleaner sleep environment, copper works to encourage brain stimulation and improve circulatory function. With price points that range from $1,299 to $3,999, the Bravura line-up is the perfect marriage of fun and function—giving retailers the chance to tap into their customers’ sense of nostalgia while also providing tangible solutions to their growing health concerns. Visit therapedic.com.


protect-a-bed allerzip mattress encasement
After more than 30 years of supporting the mattress industry with advanced protection products, Protect-A-Bed continues to be a leader in bedding health and safety. The company’s proprietary Miracle Membrane technology protects the mattress from liquids and bodily fluids, while the patented BugLock with SecureSeal and three-sided zipper system helps keep the mattress hygienic and bedbug-free. In addition to helping consumers protect their warranties, Protect-A-Bed’s innovative technologies help maintain a “Healthy Sleep Zone” by preventing allergy triggers from accumulating in their bedding. The company’s AllerZip Smooth Mattress and Pillow Encasements are certified “asthma and allergy friendly” by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA). The company recently teamed up with AAFA to launch a creative digital marketing campaign that invited consumers to visit the foundation’s Facebook page for a chance to win mattress protection products for their entire home—further emphasizing its products’ superior health benefits. Visit protectabed.com

Gold Bond

With the introduction of its new Juvenile mattress collection, Gold Bond is providing a valuable solution to a specific consumer demographic: the many parents and grandparents who are concerned about the health and safety of their children. Seeing that there was a lack of high-quality mattress options for children, the company designed this new line to include materials not typically found in kids’ beds, like natural latex, zoned micro-coils, gel and high-resiliency foam. In addition to providing the stability and support that children need as they grow, the collection is further enhanced with copper-infused cotton covers. While copper offers a multitude of health benefits, the main concern for Gold Bond was its antimicrobial properties. In maintaining a cleaner sleep environment, the Juvenile line helps protect children from potential allergens and supports their overall health and development. With the price of the twin size ranging from $249 to $549 at retail, Gold Bond’s Juvenile Collection provides retailers with a value-priced add-on opportunity for parents who might already be shopping for their own bedding. Visit goldbondmattress.com

Though price and convenience may be the main determining factors for some mattress shoppers, there is a valuable subset of consumers for whom product quality and durability play a much bigger role. These customers are looking for high-end materials and are willing to spend a little bit more on products that have a real story behind them. To service this demographic, a number of mattress brands are reimagining “traditional” processes for the present day—emphasizing the value of true artisan craftsmanship in an increasingly commoditized industry. By combining luxury bedding with quality components and eye-catching in-store marketing, these companies have created striking mattress collections that offer higher retail sales margins.


Vispring Fall High Point Market

For more than 115 years, Vispring has never wavered from its uncompromising commitment to using the highest quality materials and craftsmanship. Made with a selection of premium components that include Platinum Certified British fleece wool, cotton, horsehair and individually pocketed Vanadium steel springs, all of the company’s mattresses are handmade to order in the company’s factory. By maintaining this level of quality across all price points, Vispring delivers a sense of handcrafted luxury that will not only elevate the retail space but boost sales as well. The company spotlighted this commitment to craftsmanship at the fall market with live demonstrations of its unique side-stitching process, giving attendees the chance to witness a Vispring expert craftsman in action. Visit vispring.com


kingsdown vintage collection
Armed with a long history of quality bedding innovation, Kingsdown has recently leveraged its unique manufacturing capabilities to create a new level of luxury bedding. By marrying modern sleep science with high-end components and detailing, the company’s new Vintage Collection delivers timeless opulence and advanced comfort. Ranging from $1,699 to $3,999 at retail, the new five-bed line-up features varying combinations of high-end materials such as cotton, latex, silk, Joma wool and cashmere—creating a step-up program that clearly communicates a sophisticated, classic quality. Combining tri-zoned wrapped coils, supportive foams and sumptuous latex with hand-tufting, inverted luxury seams and ticking embroidered with the brand’s iconic crown emblem, Kingsdown has handcrafted each mattress with unparalleled attention to detail. The Vintage collection is further supported by stylish new POP that includes elegant lighted headboards—creating a luxury line-up that is sure to stand out on the retail floor. Visit kingsdown.com


Shifman has long been a leader in American-made luxury bedding, its name synonymous with traditional handcraftsmanship and scrupulous attention to detail. At the fall market, the company unveiled a new rebranding strategy that further emphasizes its longstanding commitment to quality, hand-made manufacturing. With a sleeker look and a greater focus on the artisan detailing, the new branding has refreshed the company’s messaging for the modern age—incorporating eye-catching photography and a greater emphasis on digital marketing. In line with these goals, Shifman also debuted an updated version of its Quilted Collection at market. By combining a quality, two-sided innerspring system and luxurious gold detailing with a price point that starts at $799, Shifman has created a unique opportunity for retailers to introduce the luxury bedding category to new and younger customers—establishing a clear step-up story to the brand’s higher-end options. Visit shifmanmattresses.com


While many of the new direct-to-consumer players continue to peddle a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to mattresses, a number of manufacturers are driving the promotionally-priced and bed-in-a-box categories in exciting new directions. These companies are better connecting with customers by providing greater product variety and bolstering their offerings with meaningful benefits that can be easily communicated both in-store and online. With more variation in features and price, retailers can help their customers find the perfect mattress for their individual needs—without sacrificing any of the convenience that boxed beds afford.

Classic Brands

Classic Brands Urban Loft Collection

A long-time leader in the e-commerce market, Classic Brands offers a wide range of value-priced and boxed bed options—lending the category a level of quality and choice previously unseen at this price point. The company has created a successful good-better-best merchandising story with its three-line Urban Loft brand. With suggested retail prices ranging from $499 to $699, the Specialty collection is a competitive all-foam line that is accessible for in-store, online or omni-channel distribution. The next step-up is the Hybrid Blue collection, which enhances visco or latex foam layers with an encased coil spring unit for added support. Finally, the Hybrid Black Collection ranges from $899 to $1,199—with the top-of-the-line option featuring six-inch encased micro coils, memory foam, latex and gel-infused comfort layers. In providing retailers with multiple size, style and feature options, Classic Brands allows retailers to offer their customers more personalized comfort and support—while still delivering the convenience of boxed shipping. Visit classicmattress.com


Following a soft-launch earlier this year, Therapedic recently updated the Agility bed-in-a-box collection for the fall market. Responding to feedback from its retailer partners, the company incorporated new enhanced specifications to the performance mattress, including updated covers that were designed to recover faster after unboxing the product. The Agility features multiple layers of different foams for added comfort, while a unique layer of mesh-encased micro coils creates a more agile sleep surface in addition to assisting in the folding and compression of the bed for easy shipping. With suggested retail ranging from $999 to $1,199, Therapedic’s new Agility line is available with or without a knockdown foundation—further elevating its unique appeal within the competitive boxed bed category. Visit therapedic.com


viscosoft-cold-wire-technologyViscosoft debuted its new Muse collection at the fall market, unveiling three unique memory foam options. With a choice of firm, medium and plush feels, each bed is made with a high-density memory foam core, a choice of support layers and topped with two inches of gel-infused luxury foam. Priced at $999 in queen, this new line delivers valuable market differentiation for retailers looking to expand their entry-level offerings. All of the beds in the line-up are made with Viscosoft’s exclusive Cold Wire Plus technology—providing a “cool to the touch” sales story that compliments the company’s suite of pillows and protectors that feature the same advanced material. The Muse collection’s all-foam construction makes it ideal for brick-and-mortar retailers looking to boost their adjustable base sales—while also giving them the option of selling online as well. Visit viscosoft.com. 

Personalization has become an essential element of the accessories category in recent years. As price points increase, consumers expect to find products that fit their specific sleep needs and aesthetic tastes. But product diversity can pose particular inventory difficulties for many retailers who have limited space in their showrooms and warehouses. Today, there are many inventive solutions to this problem as manufacturers have developed innovative accessories line-ups that offer a variety of features and benefits from which consumers can chose. By incorporating more choices within a particular collection, these companies are helping retailers maximize their accessories offerings without taking up more valuable space on their showroom floors. In turn, this gives consumers the satisfaction of going home with a product that has been tailored to their unique specifications.


PureCare Sub-0 Pillows
As part of PureCare’s ongoing commitment to health and wellness, the company has developed a comprehensive portfolio of bedding accessories aimed at supporting the unique needs of their customers. There is no better evidence of this than its full suite of advanced pillow options. In addition to the fully customizable PureCare One collection, a patented three-piece pillow design that allows consumers to choose from a variety of different heights and comfort materials, the company recently revamped its SUB-0°pillow collection to include a wider range of unique designs. The six pillow options within the collection offer a variety of materials including sculpted memory foam, gel, white down and feathers—with each one featuring an innovative cover made from the company’s exclusive FRIO rapid chill cooling fiber and Tencel blend. By offering an array of different models and styles, PureCare helps consumers find that “cool side of the pillow” within their preferred specifications. Visit purecare.com


Modway’s extensive new headboard and bed base collection is making it easy for retailers to expand their in-store offerings by offering creative new customization opportunities. With six headboard styles, three matching platform base styles, two wood colors, seven fabric and two vinyl options, this line-up gives retailers the ability to showcase 516 possible product combinations—without taking up additional space on the retail floor. And by increasing the number of styling options, Modway has created more opportunities for the customer to find their “perfect match” as they are able to more carefully customize the product to their own personal style. With each combo available in twin, full, queen and king sizes, Modway has created a hassle-free solution for retailers looking to expand their headboard and platform base offerings. Visit modwayfurniture.com

Fashion Bed Group

With its wide-ranging product portfolio, Fashion Bed Group continues to offer retailers an abundance of unique bedding accessories that blend in-demand styling with solutions-oriented functionality. The company spotlighted its line-up of bed designs at the fall market, showcasing an impressive variety of key features and styles. The new Oliver and Delaney beds both combine contemporary styling and convenient under-bed storage; while the Barrington and Emmett beds tout timeless but striking industrial looks. Fashion Bed Group offers its innovative SNAP Beds in six distinct designs, offering consumers easy-assembly bedding support no matter their style preferences—while its Atlas Support and Storage System gives customers the chance to enhance any bed with additional storage. From feature-filled all-in-one pieces to diverse styling options and creative add-on opportunities, Fashion Bed Group equips retailers with valuable accessories options. Visit fashionbedgroup.com


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