XSENSOR Responds to Kingsdown Allegations of Patent Infringement

XSENSOR Technology Corporation has issued this statement regarding the recent allegations and complaint filed by Kingsdown, Inc. of Mebane, NC.

The complaint Kingsdown filed in federal district court charges XSENSOR with infringement of a patent directed to methods for providing a “custom bedding product,” a system for the design of bedding products, and methods for determining the support characteristics of a test mattress.  The patent was originally assigned to another company and only later acquired by Kingsdown.  Kingsdown claims that XSENSOR’s REVEAL Mattress Recommendation System violates the patent.

XSENSOR REVEAL is a mattress recommendation system created for retailers to help customers find the most comfortable and supportive mattress for their body and sleep style. According to the company, REVEAL relies on technology developed exclusively by XSENSOR and not on any methods claimed in the Kingsdown patent.

"As veterans and world leaders in pressure mapping technology, XSENSOR respects the intellectual property of others,” says Ian Main, President of XSENSOR Technology Corporation. “We are confident that XSENSOR does not infringe any of Kingsdown's intellectual property rights, including the patent identified in Kingsdown’s complaint.  We intend to vigorously defend our right to offer world-class and innovative products like REVEAL to our customers."

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About XSENSOR: XSENSOR Technology Corporation is an award-winning innovator in the field of pressure imaging for use in sleep research, automotive testing, and pressure ulcer prevention.  Since 1994 XSENSOR has developed pressure imaging technology that delivers the practical, real-world benefits of personal comfort and patient safety.