Wright of Thomasville Will Use Solar Energy to Power North Carolina Facility

Wright of Thomasville is nearing the completion of installing solar panels at the company headquarters. This makes the company one of the first in the industry to rely on sunlight to power its key production center. Wright anticipates the installation will be completed within the next 30 days.

Before “going green” became trendy, Wright of Thomasville had adopted eco-friendly policies, using recycled products, renewable soybean ink, and energy efficient lighting, among other things.

“Our company has always been committed to environmental stewardship be it through the inks we use or the recycling of production materials. We are now happy to add energy conservation to this list,” said Wright President and CEO, Greg Wright. “The decision to install solar panels seemed like a natural progression in reducing our carbon footprint and advancing our environmental mission.”

In addition to state and federal tax incentives, the panels, which are connected directly to the grid at Duke Energy, will improve energy efficiency at the facility and eliminate Wright’s electric bill. With 364 solar panels, the company expects to generate 83.72 kilowatts from the solar array, which Duke will credit back to Wright.

To illustrate their use of power, Wright of Thomasville will feature a power generating meter on their website as well as in the facility’s main lobby.

For more information, please visit: www.wrightlabels.com.

About Wright of Thomasville: Founded by Bill and Tom Wright in 1961, Wright of Thomasville focused their attention on providing printing for the home furnishings, mattress, and carpet & rug industries. The Wright family continues that tradition today by providing one-stop, turnkey, creative solutions for their clients’ graphic needs. From creative design concepts, to worldwide distribution, the team at Wright Global Graphic Solutions help customers meet their individual project requirements. The company employs 153 people with manufacturing partners in the United States and Brazil, as well as a Wright Global Graphics facility in China.