Wright Global Graphics Adds Chemical-Free Printing Plates

Wright Global Graphics Solutions announced it would begin manufacturing from chemical-free printing plates later this month. This move will allow Wright to produce significantly less chemical waste during the printing process, reducing the need dispose of harmful chemicals into the environment and decreasing the negative environmental impact often associated with traditional offset printing.

Offset printing is a common printing technique where the inked image is not directly pressed onto the final surface but rather is transferred from a plate to a rubber mat, and finally to the printing surface. The images are typically created on the computer and then burned onto metal plates using a chemical developing process. Chemical-free printing plates utilize water instead, eliminating the need for hazardous chemicals found in traditional water-based printing.

“Our company is very conscious of the environmental concerns long associated with the printing industry and we have always been committed to making the printing process as eco-friendly as possible,” said Wright President and CEO Greg Wright. “The decision to switch to chemical-free plates seemed like a natural progression in reducing our carbon footprint and advancing our environmental mission.”

Wright has a long history of environmental consciousness; it has already adopted other eco-friendly policies, using recycled products, renewable soybean ink, and energy efficient lighting, among other things. Most recently, in 2012 the company installed solar panels at their headquarters in North Carolina. Since the initial installation of the panels, the company has generated enough energy to offset 82 tons of carbon emissions

For more information, visit www.wrightglobalgraphics.com.

About Wright Global Graphic Solutions: Bill and Tom Wright founded Wright of Thomasville, now known as Wright Global Graphic Solutions, in 1961 on the idea that printing was a creative medium and the belief that “a promise made is a promise kept.” The Wright brothers focused their attention on providing exceptional printing for the home furnishing, carpet and rug industries. The Wright family continues that tradition today by providing one-stop, turnkey, creative solutions for their clients’ graphic needs. Today, the company is run by Bill’s sons Greg, Don and Ron and has 172 employees working in four domestic facilities, as well as a Wright Global Graphics plant in China.