WithIt Thanks Sarah Lyke for 13 Years of Service

Sara Lyke has given 13 years to the position of Executive Director for WithIt. During her tenure as Executive Director, the organization has enjoyed 12 years of annual WOW Awards honoring more than 65 women in the industry. This number of honorees does not count the many nominees that were submitted by home industry professionals. Twelve successful annual educational conferences were held with more than 1100 women and men participating. Her efforts to help raise funds to support the mission of WithIt have made an indelible mark. She has worked on committees for the Furniture Hall of Fame and the High Point University Advisory board; the Scholarship Foundation Fund has increased three fold under her leadership. For her many years of service to the organization and to its members, WithIt applauds Sarah's dedication, loyalty and hard work, noting that it is committed to a smooth transition of leadership.

The Board of Directors has elected Mona Delia as the Interim Executive Director.   The WithIt organization will be conducting a formal search for an Executive Director; applications will now be accepted. Interested parties may submit their resume to administrator@withit.org

For more information, please visit withit.org.

About WithIt: WithIt was formed in 1997 for women in the home and furnishings industries in order to support their multi-dimensional career paths. The not-for-profit network is based in North Carolina and supported by leading companies across the industry. WithIt’s purpose is to encourage and develop leadership, mentoring, education and networking opportunities for professional women in the home and furnishings industries. The WOW Awards are produced by WithIt in partnership with International Market Centers (IMC) and is sponsored by leading industry brands.