What Snap’s Partners & Customers Say

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Partners Say

“Snap really helps me sell to a lot of customers who are on the fence…and we’ve had some customers who have had experiences with companies other than Snap and we’ve been able to offer them a longer period to pay it off. That’s really helpful for a lot of customers.”

—Dustin M. | Dover’s Mattress | Birmingham, AL

“We’ve had several customers that have been satisfied that have come back and reused their Snap. It helps our overall store sales.”

—Patricia | Badcock Home Furniture | Center Point, AL

Customers Say

“My boyfriend and I wanted to get furniture. Snap’s application was fast and easy, and we got approved for even more than we needed.”

—Crystal C. | Phoenix, AZ

“I had no furniture and no money to buy furniture . . . but then I saw Snap, where I could pay for it little by little! It was a great feeling.”

—Barbara V. | Los Angeles, CA

“When you get turned down for something, you feel hopeless and disappointed. When I got approved for Snap it felt like a weight lifted off my shoulders.”

—Tony N. | Tempe, AZ

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