Snap Finance Explains: What Is Lease-To-Own Financing?

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SNAP FINANCE is helping both cus­tomers and retail businesses succeed by providing a reliable financing solution that fits their needs.

Lease-to-own financing is a fast, easy and flexible alternative for individuals who don’t qualify for traditional options. It allows customers to get what they need and want, then make payments over time—regardless of their credit score.

Customers no longer have to settle for less than what they want. Because lease-to-own providers look beyond an appli­cant’s credit score, a customer has a higher chance of approval. This gives them access to a wider selection of products and price ranges. And thanks to its simple qualifi­cation criteria and minimal upfront costs, lease-to-own financing allows customers to enjoy their merchandise quickly and easily. As banks tighten their lending require­ments, consumers with credit issues are often left unattended and in need of acces­sible financing alternatives. With Snap Fi­nance, retailers can ensure their customers have the support to buy the products they want and need.