Wes Keever Named President Of Colonial, LLC.

Wes Keever, who most recently served as the EVP of sales, has been with Colonial for over 18 years and is 2nd generation of the family owned company. Poised to step into the position of president, he speaks with enthusiasm about taking on the new role.

“I have had the privilege to work with and learn from two outstanding mentors, our former Colonial Presidents, Mark Hobson and Derek Ritzel.  Both are seasoned mattress veterans who brought vast knowledge and understanding of the industry’s key issues to Colonial.  Having learned so much from both, it is a natural progression and a perfect time for me to take the opportunity to step in and build on the great foundation that has been built at Colonial,” Keever said.

Wes Keever

“My father, Jim Keever Sr., will remain Chairman and CEO, and my brother, Jimmy Keever Jr., will remain COO, so there will still be great continuity and cross functional experience, within the leadership team.  Our clients have trusted Colonial for many years to tell their story in store. We will continue to build on our customer centric sales approach and use consumer research to help our partners succeed in the industry.  Our goal has always been to help our clients sell more mattresses and better mattresses and that will not change," Keever continued.

"Colonial’s business has been on a growth track and I look forward to adding new elements to our portfolio that make fiscal sense while continuing to build a team that supports the very best brands in the business.”

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