Vita Talalay Wows at Interzum 2017

Vita Talalay has once again presented numerous conceptual and product rollouts at the worldwide Interzum market in Cologne, Germany. This year, the producer of the healthy bedding material known as Vita Talalay latex has brought a unique in-store concept, an innovative virtual reality training module and its unique, feel-good Natural Vita Talalay Origins line.

Designed by interior architect Roger Haan and premiered at Interzum 2017, Vita Talalay's new in-store merchandising concept revolves around the vision of bringing nature into the bedroom to further promote healthy sleep. Prominently featured is “Vita Talalay Inside” furniture - products that reinforce Vita Talalay's message of creating a healthy sleep sanctuary. The collection numerous items, including a bed cabana, a wardrobe, flower pots and window blinds. Also on display were a multi use mat perfect for both yoga and meditation, as well as a mattress made of pure, natural Talalay latex. All of this "wellness" furniture has been especially designed to promote a healthy lifestyle, right down to the rubber trees placed around the room to improve air quality by reducing CO2 levels.

In combination with its Inside furniture, Vita Talalay also exhibited additional tools to assist retailers: a blower to highlight the breathability of Talalay latex, a magnifier to make the unique open, round cellular structure of Vita Talalay latex visible and a display app containing many videos.

Taking a revolutionary, hi-tech approach to immersive experiences, Vita Talalay rolled out its Vita Talalay virtual reality (VR) glasses, allowing consumers to travel to the most serene and tranquil places in the world - without ever leaving the bedroom. Beyond consumer use, the company is also using its VR glasses to provide state-of-the-art training to manufacturers and retailers around the world. Up to 1,500 people at a time can take part in virtual reality trainings provided by Vita Talalay, bringing participants to the rubber tree plantations and Maastricht where each production step will be shown in detail. This cutting edge method couches education in an unforgettable experience.

Lastly, the company also launched its new Natural Vita Talalay Origins line. This unique and unsurpassed collection is produced with pure natural latex taken from fully economically, socially and environmentally responsible sources. In addition to providing all the benefits of Talalay latex such as breathability and being hypoallergenic, Orgins has also been awarded the prestigious FSC (Forest Stewardship Council), RFA (Rainforest Alliance) and C2C “GOLD” (Cradle-to-Cradle) certifications. These certifications mean that the entire production chain, from the seed to the rubber tree all the way through the production are controlled by an independent certifier.

Ila Farshad, Vita Talalay Sales and Marketing Manager, notes, “Since we use raw materials straight from the rubber tree, we decided to get these valuable certifications. We think it is very important for our customers to know that all of our products are fully transparent and traceable throughout the whole production process. This is why we are the first in our industry to have a product awarded with this combination of certifications."

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About Vita Talalay: Radium Foam manufactures and distributes Vita Talalay latex from Maastricht in The Netherlands to more than 35 countries worldwide. Vita Talalay latex comfort material is in premium mattresses and pillows of a select group of bedding manufacturers and retailers. With Vita Talalay the sleeper can enjoy a durable, breathable material that easily dissipates heat and moisture while being antibacterial and hypoallergenic. In addition, Natural Vita Talalay is completely made with latex from the rubber tree, is Cradle to Cradle Gold certified - officially a very healthy choice.