Vispring Launches First New Store Concept in U.S.

Luxury bed maker, Vispring, launched its first store concept in the United States at ABC Carpet & Home in New York City on Wednesday April 6th, highlighting all the unique details of its refreshed brand campaign.

High profile designers, media, industry dignitaries and VIP customers all joined to preview Vispring's global re-branding efforts, new products and craftsmanship first hand, discovering why an investment in a well-made mattress impacts the quality of our total wellness. Guests were treated to signature cocktails and hors d’oeuvres from Jean George’s, ABC Kitchen and two very special Vispring guest speakers from England.

“The newly transformed showroom allows for Vispring’s range of products to now be highlighted and displayed individually from our mattresses, to our divans and our headboards,” said Hugh Landes, National Sales Director for Vispring. “Each mattress offers unique qualities to be discovered, from our top of the line mattresses: the Masterpiece Superb, the Signatory Superb, the Sublime Superb, the Tiara Superb, the Classic Superb and the Regal Superb, to our opening price point models such as the Coronet.

“We are extremely pleased with the overall look and feel of the new space because it now distinguishes our brand from the others and allows the customers and designers to engage with our products and brand,” said Landes.

The ABC Carpet & Home store concept -- along with Vispring’s new marketing to include new imagery, brochures, website and an ad campaign -- is part of an overall strategy to strengthen Vispring as a luxury brand in the US. The newly enhanced showroom is the result of a design collaboration and features a workshop area that incorporates a wide range of sales tools to allow for the customization of individual beds. Standard corporate colors were carefully selected in a powerful yellow to symbolize the warmth, energy and positivity of the sun and light greys in the bed area to represent the soft, quiet colors most desire in a bedroom.

To highlight the significance of carefully selecting a new mattress, Vispring invited one of its master craftsman from England to demonstrate side-stitching and the value of blending natural fibers to create a handmade bed, while guests were encouraged to interact in the process of building a mattress from scratch.

Dr. Neil Stanley, a renown sleep expert, entertained guests with sleep statistics and educated attendees on how investing in your mattresses should be taken more seriously since the majority of our lives (35%) is spent in our bed.

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About Vispring: All Vispring mattresses are handmade to order in the company’s factory in Devon. It’s an uncompromising approach, but because sleep is such a deeply personal part of life, Vispring believes it’s the only way to guarantee that every bed is exquisitely comfortable and fits its owner like a glove; ensuring they can reap all the benefits of a full and healthy life.   Founded in 1901, Vispring now exports across the globe. Renowned as the first bed maker to produce an interior sprung mattress using a system of individually pocketed springs, it changed the way beds are made to this day. Vispring has never wavered from its original philosophy of using the best craftsmanship and quality materials to produce the finest beds in the world.