Verlo Named Official Mattress of Green Bay Packers

The Green Bay Packers’ best defense against a poor night’s sleep may be a mattress made by Verlo Mattress Factory, which was named the Official Mattress of the Green Bay Packers today.

The team sleeps on Verlo mattresses while attending training camp each year at St. Norbert College, so they have first-hand knowledge of their comfort and durability.

Verlo Mattress Factory backs all of their mattresses with a Lifetime Comfort Guarantee. For over 50 years, the Wisconsin-based manufacturer has built high-quality custom mattresses in their local factories, and then sold them at factory-direct prices.

“We are very proud to be affiliated with the Green Bay Packers,” said Verlo president Tom Cass. “There is a direct correlation between getting enough sleep and being able to perform at your peak. This is especially true for professional athletes whose muscles take a daily beating.”

Verlo mattresses accommodate a person’s natural sleep position, which helps to eliminate the tossing and turning that takes place during the night. By doing this, Verlo provides customers with a more restful night’s sleep and contributes to enhanced performances.

“Just as the Packers organization is building a legacy in addition to a winning season, Verlo is building more than a mattress,” said Scott Baitinger, chief marketing officer at Verlo. “We’re building a better night’s sleep.”

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About Verlo Mattress Factory: Verlo Mattress Factory is Wisconsin’s largest mattress manufacturer and retailer with 24 locations statewide, and more than 40 nationwide. Founded in 1958, the company specializes in quality, custom-made mattresses sold at factory-direct prices and backed by superb customer service. Acquired by Marcus Investments LLC in 2012, Verlo is headquartered in Milwaukee, WI.