Tupelo Furniture Market Promotes Surge In New Business

Retailers planning on attending the Tupelo Furniture Market this August will notice a number of new companies that now display their products at the bi-annual furniture trade event.

“We have attracted more buyers and many new buyers from further away,” said Kevin J. Seddon, president of the Tupelo Furniture Market. “In addition, these buyers are on the look out for new companies that are showcasing a variety of products at different price points. When buyer expectations evolve or their tastes expand, we are provided an opportunity to attract new companies that produce product that meet those expectations.”

Whatever the impetus for the change and subsequent increase in exhibiting companies filling Tupelo’s more than 2.5 million square feet of exhibit space, the uptick in business is evident. “In the last 12 months, we have had more than 200 companies join us for the first time or expand their existing space,” explained Seddon. “And there is no doubt that this influx of new products will benefit the buyers that attend the market and ultimately their customers.”

Mississippi ships more upholstered furniture than any state in the country and the Tupelo Furniture Market has been integral in the state’s growth in the industry. Although the market has for years been renowned for primarily providing a venue for promotional furniture, which is a lower priced product, many of Tupelo’s existing exhibitors have expanded what they now showcase. In addition, new companies exhibiting offer higher price points or a wide range of price points – from promotional and promotional/medium to medium and high.

According to Debbie Henry, Tupelo’s director of sales, 54% of Tupelo’s exhibiting companies offer furniture at promotional price points, 91% offer promotional/medium, 32% offer medium, 37% medium/high and 7% offer high price point furniture.

“It’s clear that our exhibitors are responding to buyers’ shifting preferences and many are now offering a range of products from the lower-end to the higher-end of the price spectrum,” said Henry. “We offer just as much promotional furniture and upholstery as we have in the past; however, it’s clear that our buyers want to see more of everything. Our exhibitors are just responding appropriately.”

For more information, visit www.tupelofurnituremarket.com.