Tupelo Furniture Market Marks 60th Event with New Dates and New Mobile App

Those registering for the upcoming Tupelo Furniture Market will have more than the new pre-tax season dates, January 5-8, to look forward to as the event draws near.  The Market recently announced it will offer participants at its upcoming 60th event a mobile phone app that will allow users to use their smart phones to find which companies are showing, where they are located in the expansive 2-million square foot facility, and what types of furniture, accessories or gift-related products they are selling.  In addition, users will be able to easily find times, dates and locations of parties, seminars, demonstrations and special events being held during the 4-day market.

"It is our intent to make the process of buying and selling product as efficient and easy as possible for our customers," said Kevin J. Seddon, President of the Tupelo Market.  "Time is money and many of the retailers attending the market have certain products and companies that they are familiar with and they have plans to purchase their product.  Buyers cannot always recall the showroom location of companies or sometimes the companies move from one building to another; therefore, providing a means for retailers to quickly determine an exhibiting company's location saves time and leg work!  Additionally, buyers interested in finding new companies with new products, will easily find the information via the app."

Seddon explained that printed show directories will still be provided to those attending the market and that the app will offer much of the information contained in the directories; however, finding information will be much faster if the app is utilized.  In addition, the app will also contain much more usable data, including specials being offered by companies showcasing product. "Companies offering Tupelo Only Specials (TOS) will be listed, as will their specials," said Seddon.  "These specials often include free shipping, on-site discounts on purchases, new product offers or close-outs on products."

This January the Market will again hold its "Mattress Mania" promotion.  No other event offers more bedding products for retailers to purchase east of the Mississippi than the Tupelo Furniture Market.  Because of this fact, bedding companies showing in Tupelo are encouraged to develop incredible offers to attract retailers from throughout the country to the Market. More than 40 bedding companies will show in Tupelo, many of which will introduce new product, present scheduled demonstrations of their new models, and offer discounts and specials that cannot be had anywhere else.

The Tupelo Furniture Market is one of the oldest and largest national furniture trade events in the United States and is held twice each year in Tupelo, Mississippi.  The market facility's six buildings are all under one roof and on one level and will house more than 500 brands and companies showcasing thousands of furniture, accessory and gift products.

To book a room, find out more information or register, please visit tupelofurnituremarket.com.

About the Tupelo Furniture Market: The Tupelo Furniture Market began in 1987 under the direction of owner and CEO, V. M. Cleveland. Employees of the market have created the fastest growing furniture market facility in the industry, with a reputation for providing excellent services to both manufacturers and retailers alike. The staff of the Tupelo Furniture Market is dedicated to making sure that the needs of every manufacturer and retailer are met. No other market in the world can come close to providing the services and assistance that one gets from being a part of the Tupelo Furniture Market.