Therapedic Partners with Chinese Mattress Producer Airland

Therapedic International has announced its partnership with Airland, a Hong Kong-based producer and supplier of quality mattresses and premium bedding. The company will become Therapedic’s licensee for the Greater China region, covering mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau.

Airland has more than 45-years of experience in the bedding industry and maintains a high market share and extraordinary level of respect throughout the Greater China region. Therapedic products will hit Chinese furniture showrooms with an array of dynamic point-of-purchase displays that differentiate it from competitors within the China market.

“With a rich history of distinguished service, Airland continuously looks to assure brand influence and market innovation in the global bedding industry,” said Airland Group president, Daniel Sze. “Chinese consumers hold American-made products in high regard. They are sought after for their quality and craftsmanship. We are very confident of the success of the Therapedic brand, and we intend on making it a primary focus of our business in China.”

“With the emerging market in China, there has never been a better time to expand to the region,” said Gerry Borreggine, president/CEO of Therapedic International. “We have the opportunity to differentiate ourselves from our competitors and flourish in a rapidly growing, mass consumer market,” said Borreggine. “We have been eager to find a company in China with both exemplary marketing and brand promotion capabilities. We are honored to have found that company in Airland.”

Airland’s Therapedic operations will be headed by Jimmy Yu, who has 24-years experience in the bedding industry, and a deep understanding of the vision and goals of Therapedic. Prior to joining Airland, Yu served as chief executive officer of the Chinese mattress brand, Enlanda, which he founded in 2000. Yu brings strong marketing resources as head of Airland’s Therapedic operations, including established relationships with retailers.

“We are grateful to have someone with Mr. Yu’s distinguished experience help to launch our brand in China,” said Borreggine.

The Therapedic brand was the first US brand to be marketed in China from 1986, with a previous partner, who no longer represents the brand.

“We were fortunate to have had distinguished representation in the past in China,” said Borreggine. “And, now we have a new generation of product to be represented by a new generation of leadership in this prestigious country. We are proud of our past here, and we are sanguine about our future in China.”

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About Therapedic International: Therapedic International is a 55-year-old mattress and sleep products manufacturer, with over 50-licensees producing products under the Therapedic brand label throughout the world. It is a recognized top-10 mattress brand, and has increased its brand awareness and distribution in the related sleep products categories over the past five-years.