The Devil Is In The Details: Colonial Shares Key Rules for Selling More Mattresses

For nearly 35 years, Colonial LLC has been helping mattress manufacturers and retailers drive their incremental revenues, market share and profits. Backed by extensive research and proven on showroom floors, the company’s unparalleled approach helps their clients not only sell more beds, but more better beds.

While every client is unique and each project presents its own set of priorities and challenges, Colonial has determined a number of key design principles that help drive the performance of its personalized solutions. Categorized under a simple moniker, “The Colonial Rules” is comprised of 12 specific adages that the company applies to each of its projects. This set of rules serves as a reminder that, in order to deliver on its mission, the clients’ branding objectives must be balanced with clear sales effectiveness and cost efficiency goals.

When achieved, these three ideas are integral to increasing sales. A client’s branding objectives could include raising in-store visibility, elevating consumer perception of value or communicating a specific level of quality. Sales effectiveness goals might concern improving retail conversion rates, increasing average tickets, shortening RSA training cycle times or raising the impact of in-store promotions. Cost efficiency objectives could range from lowering the entire system cost (from material sourcing to in-store set up) to freeing up resources to be repurposed for activities that drive revenues.

Colonial President Mark Hobson believes that having a specific set of principles to consider when tackling each project guarantees that all of the design bases are covered and ensures that every element is directly connected to the goal of selling more mattresses.

Rule #7: The Devil Is In The Details

The seventh rule in The Colonial Rules is a reminder that, when it comes to R&D, “the devil is in the details.” This does not necessarily mean that a concept needs to be intricate or complex, but rather that it needs to be thoroughly considered in terms of practicality. Whether developing a mattress or top-of-bed marketing materials, the key to success is “Design for Manufacturability”—or “DFM” for short.

No matter how innovative or creative the vision, designs must be capable of being produced on time and on budget. While many concept products may appear spectacular on the surface—eye-catching in look, appealing to all the right emotions—it’s critical for manufacturers to consider the technical logistics of fabricating them. Namely, can this design truly be constructed as imagined? Can it be manufactured in a way that achieves the targeted cost? Will it actually sell at market?

Successfully bringing a design concept to life requires a thorough understanding of the finer details of manufacturing, beyond just the visual appeal. Without a broad knowledge of DFM or a design partner who has experience bringing ideas to life, even the greatest product concepts might never see the light of day.

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 About Colonial LLC: Established in 1982, Colonial LLC is a leading provider and innovator for display and branding products within the mattress industry. Colonial produces a broad assortment of pillows, shams, foot protectors, headboards and other display materials, designed and customized to showcase mattress brands and products in retail showrooms. Through a proprietary, consultative approach, Colonial works closely with its clients to raise brand awareness, attract consumer interest and elevate perceived value, leading to increased mattress sales.