Tempur-Pedic Ranks Highest in Mattress Satisfaction, According To J.D. Power

J.D Power has published its 2017 Mattress Satisfaction Report, revealing key insights on the mattress marketplace including the top ranking brands among consumers. Now in its third year, this report measures customer satisfaction with mattress purchases based on seven factors (in order of importance): comfort, price, support, durability, features, warranty and customer service. Satisfaction is calculated on a 1,000-point scale. This year, Tempur-Pedic ranked the highest in customer satisfaction for the first time. With a score of 887, the company performed particularly well in the support, comfort and price factors.

“Our Q3 research shows that 95 percent of Tempur-Pedic owners would recommend the brand to others, so it is no surprise that Tempur-Pedic ranks highest in J.D.Power’s latest mattress satisfaction ratings,” said Scott Thompson, Tempur Sealy chairman, CEO and president. “We are very pleased that the report validates what loyal Tempur-Pedic owners have been telling us for years.”

After Tempur-Pedic, J.D Power found that Sleep Number ranked second with a customer satisfaction score of 867, while Serta came in third with a score of 846.

Beyond these rankings, J.D. Power’s report also revealed a number of key insights on the mattress marketplace. The study found that mattress customer satisfaction has declined from 2016, due to comfort levels and ineffective pricing. Satisfaction was highest among the 83% of customers who replaced their old mattress, with a satisfaction score of 848. The most frequent reasons cited by customers for replacing their old mattress were old mattress/worn-out mattress (51%), wanted a more comfortable mattress (37%) and mattress had reached a certain age (32%).

“There’s a clear connection between a customer’s level of product knowledge and level of satisfaction,” said Greg Truex, Senior Director, At-Home Practice at J.D. Power. “Manufacturers and store salespeople who focus on product communications and effectively highlight features can have a strong influence on how satisfied the customer is with their mattress selection.”

The report also highlighted how customer satisfaction is a key driver of loyalty and advocacy. Among highly satisfied customers (those with overall satisfaction scores above 900), 82% say they “definitely will” purchase the brand in the future, compared with the report average of 61%. Additionally, satisfied customers make an average of 4.2 positive recommendations, compared with the report average of 3.1.

Additionally, the report found that both in-store sample and adjustable base availability impact satisfaction. Satisfaction is higher among customers who purchased from a retailer that had an in-store sample of the mattress they wanted than among those whose retailer did not have a sample available (858 vs. 809, respectively). Also, satisfaction is higher among customers who purchased a mattress with an adjustable base vs. those who did not (883 vs. 836, respectively).

Finally, J.D. Power also underscored how much mattress delivery matters. Satisfaction is higher among customers who received their mattress on the date promised versus those whose mattress was delivered late (851 vs. 737, respectively) as well as among customers who received their mattress as ordered vs. those that did not (845 vs. 766).

The 2017 Mattress Satisfaction Report is based on responses from 1,219 customers who purchased a mattress in the 12 months prior to fielding the survey. The report was fielded in October 2017.

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