Talalay Global To Host Therapy Dogs During Las Vegas Market

Talalay Global, which is launching its new Barkalay by Talalay dog bed in Las Vegas, plans to host several specially trained dogs in its showroom during the market. Provided by Michael’s Angel Paws, a Las Vegas charitable organization which trains dogs and offers various dog services to nearby communities, the dogs will be present in the company’s show space on Sunday and Monday.

“Along with helping draw attention to our new Barkalay by Talalay bed, we felt it would be helpful to provide exposure to Michael’s Angel Paws, which locates, trains and provides dogs for therapy, emotional support and service to the disabled,” noted Kim Fisher, President and COO.

Having made a donation to the company, which pledges itself to “Helping Others Pawsitively Every Day” (HOPE), Talalay Global has provided a service dog to a needy veteran.

Talalay Global BarkalayDuring market, Talalay Global will welcome therapy dogs that are trained to be friendly and people-focused, and are popular “guests” at hospitals, hospice centers, pediatric units, schools, libraries and other locations. Service dogs are not “pets” but are trained to work or perform tasks for people with disabilities, while emotional support dogs are skilled at relieving anxiety and providing comfort to a single individual.

“We’re very excited to be hosting several dogs from Michael’s Angel Paws during the show,” Fisher said. “We expect we’ll quickly discover that we’re hardly the only dog lovers at market.”

The new Barkalay by Talalay dog bed is made from pure Talalay inside and is covered in a gray quilted, 100 percent polyester fabric. Expected to retail at $169.99, the bed is large enough to accommodate most dogs and can be custom-embroidered with a pet’s name.

For more information, please visit talalayglobal.com.

About Talalay Global: Talalay Global was founded in 1975 and is the world’s largest producer of Talalay and one of only two manufacturers of the ultra-high-end luxury component. In addition to its Talalay facility in Shelton, the company has distribution and fabrication centers around the world.