Talalay Advances Three Executives With Eye on Future Growth

Aggressively positioning itself for new business development and future growth, Talalay Global has promoted three of its executives to newly created positions within the company, announced President and COO Kim Fisher.

Ken Hinman has been promoted to Global Marketing Officer for Talalay Global while Joseph Peterson and Ed Reardon have been promoted to Vice Presidents of Sales, Western and Eastern U.S., respectively, for Pure Talalay Bliss, the company’s direct-to-retail division. All three executives will continue to report to Fisher.

“We’re leveraging and maximizing our strengths while at the same time, creating a total focus on marketing, which is in alignment with our sales growth strategies on both sides of the business,” Fisher explained. "These promotions mark the beginning of a series of intensified efforts to increase industry demand for Talalay versus other kinds of latex, and to drive consumer awareness of the superior features and benefits of the Talalay product and brand.”

Talalay Global Ken Hinman

Ken Hinman

As global marketing officer, Hinman, who joined Talalay Global in 2014 as Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing, will be responsible for raising awareness of Talalay through a number of new marketing initiatives. These include engaging a marketing agency; substantially stepping up advertising in traditional, digital and social media to drive trade and consumer awareness; and working closely with Talalay Global’s partners worldwide to increase the relevance and value of Talalay in the minds of customers. Hinman will also develop a digital asset web site for rapid access by its partners to Talalay Global intellectual properties.

“Considering the sheer number of business opportunities we have both domestically and internationally, Ken is integral to our business strategy of emphasizing Talalay Global’s brand awareness, capitalizing on our strengths and enhancing our business partnerships worldwide,” Fisher said.

Pure Talalay Bliss Joseph Peterson

Joseph Peterson

As Vice President of Sales, Western U.S., Peterson will oversee the company’s sales efforts from Chicago to Houston and westward. He joined Pure Talalay Bliss in 2012 as director of sales, Northwest.

Reardon, promoted to Vice President of Sales, Eastern U.S., came to Pure Talalay Bliss in 2015 as Director of Sales, Northeast. He will head up sales activities from those cities eastward.

Peterson, of South Jordon, Utah, and Reardon, of Acushnet, Mass., each have 20-plus years’ experience in the mattress and furniture industries.

Before joining Pure Talalay Bliss, Peterson was a senior territory sales manager for International Bedding Corp. (IBC) from 2008 to 2011, where he grew his territory nearly 500 percent—from $1.2 million to $6 million—by adding new retailers and increasing floor placements over three years.

Pure Talalay Bliss Ed Reardon

Ed Reardon

Reardon worked for Serta Mattress, based in Boston, from 1995 to 2012 as a territory manager, and from 2012 to 2015 as a key account manager, just prior to joining Pure Talalay Bliss in mid-2015. During his years at Serta, he successfully managed a Top 10 U.S. mattress retailer with a team of eight sales representatives.


“Both Joseph and Ed have a demonstrated passion for driving new business development and achieving sales success,” Fisher noted. “Not only have they established excellent partnerships with the accounts in their regions, but they also bring to their new posts their past experiences with many major industry players." She continued, "It was strategically important to promote these two executives from within because of their familiarity with Pure Talalay Bliss and their innate ability to articulate the Bliss message.”

For more information, please visit talalayglobal.com and puretalalaybliss.com.

About Talalay Global: Talalay Global was founded in 1975 and is the world’s largest producer of Talalay and one of only two major global manufacturers of the ultra-high-end luxury component. In addition to its Talalay facility in Shelton, the company has distribution and fabrication centers around the world.

About Pure Talalay Bliss: Pure Talalay Bliss makes and markets the Talalay ActiveFusion collection, along with an assortment of bed toppers and pillows—all made from 100 percent Talalay latex. The company is owned by Talalay Global, the world’s largest producer of Talalay and one of only two major global manufacturers of the ultra-high-end luxury component.