SSA Showroom Tops Last Year’s Market Attendance Numbers

The Specialty Sleep Association (SSA) reports that the recent Las Vegas market really stood out as a booming success with a total of 501 scanned “Buyer Badge Groups.” “That is a 9% increase for our SSA showroom over the last winter market when we had 458 total buyer groups in the showroom,” said Executive Director Tambra Jones. To be clear that 500 is not the total overall number of buyers because the SSA tries to scan only one badge per group of buyers coming in from the same retail location. The fact is the total buyer traffic could be twice that number over the total length of the market. Jones also pointed out that traffic was spread out over four days, and “we even had some new buyers come through on the last day and one placed an order with an exhibitor who was still there in his space at the end of the market.”

It is also important to realize that the SSA scanned 157 non-buyers at the showroom entrance. “These folks are manufacturers, a variety of suppliers, reps., international marketers, web specialists, media people and industry guests who play a vital role networking with our members,” noted Dale Read, president of the SSA. “More than just buying goes on in the showroom. Potential partnerships, alliances, and business-to-business negotiations go on in our showroom. We have played a key role connecting people with new sales opportunities, new licensing agreements, private labeling opportunities, new employees, new sources of supply and new product ideas.”

“In order to really understand the vital role our showroom plays for our member exhibitors, we would like to share their comments and reviews,” explained Jones. “We had 28 different exhibitors in our showroom this winter, and here are just some of the really amazing positive reviews we received.”

First time exhibitor Peter Laurens of Baltic Natural/IVO Mattresses enthusiastically tells the SSA that “….for new, small and medium-sized bedding exhibitors, the SSA showroom is the best place to be at the Las Vegas Market. Our perception was that there was greater traffic at the showroom than at most of the individual showrooms elsewhere on the 15th floor.”

Discussing the SSA’s role of reaching the furniture buyers, Chani Meyer of Supernal Recliner Beds stated, “This show was very busy and brought us many solid prospective leads, and has really helped establish Supernal in the furniture world. And, as always, we love seeing our booth neighbors, who have come to feel like family!”

Meanwhile, Danican, who focused on their whole new private label container program, shared that, “We were very pleased with the amount of new qualified business relationships we were able to start at the Winter 2018 LVM due to showing in the well-attended Specialty Sleep Association showroom. As always, the support and camaraderie from SSA staff and member vendors helped make showing at LVM a successful week for the Danican team,” stated Jonathan Weingarten .

Nina Kao at uKnead Massage Chairs summarizes: “ Winter 2018 was our best market yet, out of the 4 times we've exhibited so far. [The] SSA showroom is THE place to be for growing small businesses.”

Discussing the diversity of buyers they spoke with, Suzanne Diamond of The Futon Shop/TFS Mattresses told the SSA , “It was a very busy and active show. We had great traffic and connected with many buyers both e-commerce and brick-and-mortar.”

First time exhibitor Brian Phillips of Swiss Bliss Mattress stated, “The Specialty Sleep Association was the perfect venue to make our nationwide debut. We were amazed by both the quantity and the quality of the buyer traffic. Each vendor/supplier within the space provided assistance, advice and referrals to the other vendors during the show. Swiss Bliss Mattress is thrilled to be part of the ‘Specialty Sleep Family.’”

And returning veteran Butch Craig of Sleep & Beyond warmly expressed his thanks to the SSA, “…for making each Vegas Market a joy to be associated with the Specialty Sleep Association (SSA). Vegas 2018 Winter Market was Sleep & Beyond’s 6th year (12th show) with great friends and showroom neighbors. The result was the best Vegas Winter Market ever!” Craig opines, “Sleep & Beyond can testify that 80% of success is showing up and the 20% is follow up, patience and persistence work. Keep in mind that when you are absent at the shows your absence is noticed.”

Another new exhibitor, Eric Duhamel, Orthex of Canada reported that the SSA plays a key role in teaching emerging companies about the industry. “This was a great learning experience! It was a pleasure to share the common space with our fellow exhibitors, who were helpful and supportive. We appreciate that we were able, on top of meeting potential partners, to learn about the industry and its trends.”

Chris Robinson of Naturepedic says, “We saw brisk traffic at Winter Market 2018. It was great to have the opportunity to put some fresh eyes on our new product offerings for this year.”

Faye Lizotte representing Cadence Keen Innovations/CKI Solutions said,  "We were very pleased with the show and the many people that stopped by our booth.  We made great contacts for reaching out for future business.  We all felt that the atmosphere in the SSA Suite was very positive, lively and friendly."

Max Van Dorn, new representative for Palm Pring Coconut Mattresses, said about his first market experience,  "The selection of manufacturers curated for the Specialty Sleep Association showroom was ideal for attracting attendees with a high level of interest in our products, leading to a very high success rate in our conversations."  Max wondered if the buyers make it all the way around the room.  Tambra answered, "The buyers usually scoot around the entire room, however they often hide their badge so that they are not approached...unless they want to be.  Your product and your boothmanship/demeanor will tell the tale of your success at a trade show."

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