Spring Air Shores Up US Licensee Base

In keeping with its strategy to continue building a strong and dedicated licensee base, Spring Air has reassigned and reorganized several areas of licensing responsibility in the US, enabling operations based in Texas and North Carolina to expand their distribution, announced company president Rick Robinson.

Spring Air’s Corsicana- and Greensboro-based licensees have acquired the rights to make and market Spring Air products across expanded APRs (Areas of Primary Responsibility) effective April 1, Robinson said.

Spring Air Texas, also known as Corsicana Bedding, will now be responsible for selling branded products in the traditional southern states of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia and the Florida Panhandle, along with its home state and several other states in its current APR.

Spring Air North Carolina, the company’s oldest licensee, will expand its reach into the growing mid-south state of South Carolina.  Owned by the Grove family, the producer currently distributes Spring Air bedding in West Virginia and Virginia, in addition to its home state.

“We’re looking forward to seeing significant sales growth and development for the Spring Air brand as a result of these changes in our US organization,” Robinson noted. “At the same time, we’re expanding our international presence with the recent addition of a Germany-based company, as well as other new overseas licensees that will be announced this year.”

For more information, visit springair.com.

About Spring Air: Spring Air is a Top 5 recognized U.S. bedding brand among consumers on an aided basis. The company has 11 North American facilities and operates in 33 other countries across the globe. Founded in 1926, Spring Air helps retailers drive business while leveraging the reputation for trust and integrity inspired by its name.