Spring Air-India Hosts 6th Spring Air Global Summitt Conference

Spring Air has held its Sixth Global Summit Conference in Delhi, India, attended by licensees representing 35 countries and co-hosted by Spring Air International, Spring Air-India and W.J. Towell, both part of Spring Air’s Middle East license group.

Spring Air-Middle East, based in Sharja in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), includes Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait, India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

The three-day summit meeting, held in mid-November at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Delhi, included multi-media presentations by both international licensees and Spring Air corporate executives on industry conditions, product advancements, marketing and merchandising opportunities, contract sales and business experiences.

“Every year our licensees openly share information on everything from innovations and raw material sourcing to manufacturing practices and fashion changes,” noted Spring Air president Rick Robinson. “Each licensee is asked to bring one recognizable success that they experienced during the year.”

Hosts Ashok Sharma, Abhishek Sharma and Rupesh Srivastava, for example, updated the group on the bedding industry in India and the producer’s Dealer World Tour to Bangkok, Thailand in early 2015.

Jeffrie Massie of Spring Air-Indonesia also presented a video of his company’s recent Dealer World Tour to Sydney, Australia and Queenstown, New Zealand.

Among other activities, the summit included new vendor presentations, a factory tour of Spring Air-India, plus visits to the Historical Jewels of Delhi and to the Taj Mahal in Agra, which is one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

“These annual gatherings are not only well-attended every year, but have proven to be extremely instrumental in the growth and development of each licensee,” noted Spring Air COO Eric Spitzer. “Looking back on six years of global conferences, our international partners clearly feel part of a worldwide brand and organization that’s both strong and cohesive.”

For more information, please visit springair.com.

About Spring Air: A leading U.S. bedding producer and a highly recognized consumer brand, Spring Air has multiple manufacturing facilities in North America and across the globe.  Founded in 1926, the producer helps retailers drive business while leveraging the reputation for trust and integrity inspired by its name.