Spring Air-China Hosts Major Spring Air Asian Licensee Meeting

Spring Air-China

Spring Air International held its fifth Asian Licensee Meeting in Guangzhou, China from March 28-30, hosted by its Spring Air-China licensee Somnopro Group, headed by CEO Charles Chen.

The meeting was scheduled in conjunction with Interzum China and drew all of the company’s Asian-based licensees representing 15 countries.

“Our Asian partners saw new bedding developed by Spring Air-China and toured the company’s Guangzhou factory, which is one of four plants operated by the Somnopro Group across China,” noted Spring Air president Rick Robinson.

Somnopro Group, which is the country’s largest mattress producer, also owns and operates more than 1,100 mattress retail stores across China.

“The agenda also included discussions aimed at fostering new and beneficial inter-country collaborations,” Robinson added.  “Many of these conversations were inspired by the recent cooperative effort between Spring Air licensees in Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia, and Spring Air International, to service the more than 70 Courts retail stores across those countries.”

Courts Asia Ltd. is one of the leading electrical, IT and furniture/bedding mega- retailers in Southeast Asia.

Calling the recent licensee conference in China “one of our most successful Asian meetings,” Eric Spitzer, COO of Spring Air International, announced that Spring Air would hold its next Global Summit in India this November.

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About Spring Air: A leading U.S. bedding producer and a highly recognized consumer brand, Spring Air has multiple manufacturing facilities in North America and across the globe.  Founded in 1926, the producer helps retailers drive business while leveraging the reputation for trust and integrity inspired by its name.