Specialty Sleep Association Updates ‘Glossary of Terms’

Following a full year of working committee meetings and direct outreach to worldwide industry associations, certifying bodies and government agencies, the Specialty Sleep Association (SSA) has completely updated and vastly expanded its comprehensive “Glossary of Terms” for the mattress and bedding industry.

The 31-page glossary is broken out into three overall sections and includes terms frequently used when making environmental marketing claims. The first section is a two-page listing of acronyms, which addresses organization names, standards, certifications, agencies, and scientific citations that companies and consumers may encounter in the discussion of claims related to mattresses. The second section is the six-page glossary of definitions and terminology ranging from “bio-based product” and “environmental product declarations” to “organic” and “sustainable”. The third section lists 21 pages of organizations, certifications, standards, research and testing laboratories and government agencies.

“It is not a legal document,” explains Dale T. Read, President of the SSA. “We make no legal claims whatsoever. It is a well-researched reference tool with information provided to the SSA directly from the various third-party sourcing organizations, associations, NGO’s, industry groups, and government agencies.”

This comprehensive “Glossary of Terms” is a living document that is periodically updated as changes occur with laws, certifying bodies, standards, and organizations, according to Read.

“The SSA BEDFAX program is providing this free as a valuable reference tool for mattress suppliers, manufacturers and retailers who wish to make accurate and complete contents and marketing claims regarding ‘what is in their mattresses’,” he continues. “We clearly advise all participating companies to refer any final legal questions pertaining to certifications, labeling and legal compliance to their attorneys. This is, however, an up-to-date, comprehensive starting point for any company that wants to create a contents label program or make environmental marketing claims for their mattress and bedding products. It is a valuable reference tool, which we will update periodically to keep it as accurate as possible.”

For more information, visit www.sleepinformation.org or www.BEDFAX.org.