Southerland To Manufacture Gel Matrix Line For IntelliBED

Southerland has formed a strategic alliance with vertically integrated IntelliBED to produce and distribute the company’s exclusive Gel Matrix bedding line. The partnership will help shift IntelliBED’s business model from a retail strategy to a wholesale model through growth with brick-and-mortar retail partners.

“We’re excited about our new partnership with IntelliBED and see a lot of crossover with our retail network and the growing network for the Gel Matrix line,” said Bryan Smith, president and chief executive officer of Southerland. “The innovative line is a unique complement to our Southerland collections. Our corporate culture blends nicely with their culture, and we see a prosperous partnership ahead.”

Initially, the IntelliBED line will be manufactured in Southerland’s Oklahoma City factory, but the plan calls for expanding production into other Southerland facilities giving the brand a more seamless national reach.

IntelliBED debuted its new Lux line collection at the recent Las Vegas Furniture Market and received interest from retailers throughout the country.

“The alliance with Southerland gives us the ability to scale and grow more efficiently,” said Colin House, chief executive officer of IntelliBED. “Southerland’s factories are highly efficient and incredibly well-operated. Our retailers will benefit from this partnership due to the exceptional quality and high manufacturing standards Southerland provides”

Priced to retail between $2,500 and $6,000, IntelliBED’s Gel Matrix provides the only sleep surface that is both firm and soft at the same time. This provides customers with a solution that offers both spinal support and pressure relief simultaneously.

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About Southerland: Southerland has been making quality mattresses in the U.S. since 1893. Using only best-in-class materials and components, Southerland currently sells its line of mattresses and adjustable bases throughout 43 states. By implementing its stringent quality assurance program, Southerland manufactures mattresses that are backed by the company’s “making it right” philosophy that stands behind every product delivered. Each of its products is delivered to retailers via its wholly-owned transportation company. The company’s six production and distribution facilities are located in Nashville, Tenn., Cleveland, Phoenix and Oklahoma City total more than 400,000 square feet.