Southerland Closes Showroom; Launches “Southerland Connects” Program

As the home furnishings industry continues to adjust to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, independent mattress manufacturer Southerland is rolling out a new program to ensure that retailers have access to its newly introduced and updated products. "Southerland Connects" is a complete plan that provides the company’s retail partners with product samples, turnkey point-of-sales materials and private, one-on-one product demonstrations for enhanced safety.

With a focus on keeping customers and employees safe as well as upholding its COVID-19 safety protocols, Southerland will not be showing at the Summer Las Vegas Market. In its place, Southerland Connects will give retailers the ability to touch, feel and experience its products and make the best-informed buying decision either by appointment at one of six strategically located factory showrooms around the country, through locally coordinated private regional showings or via sample reviews sent directly to dealers.

Bryan Smith

“The bedding industry’s product introduction cycle is historically driven by markets, but  this year the pandemic is causing significant disruption to our customers’ buying patterns because of travel restrictions across the U.S.,” said Bryan Smith, president and chief executive officer of Southerland. “With Southerland Connects, we have developed a way for our partners to experience our products firsthand. We feel a virtual experience through a computer screen is ineffective for sleep products; therefore, we are taking market to our customers.”

While Southerland will not open its showroom in August, the company expects to celebrate the reopening of its showroom at the winter Las Vegas market with fresh new offerings from the Thermobalance and American Sleep lines.

The manufacturer's six factories in Tennessee, Arizona, Oregon and Oklahoma each have onsite showrooms. Southerland can coordinate with its customers to go to the various showrooms to receive a hands-on showroom experience, while still abiding by Southerland’s protocols and safety measures. Southerland Connects will allow retailers to experience the aesthetic, design and craftsmanship of the company’s lineup.

“Through Southerland Connects retailers will have more time with the products and with new information being released everyday about COVID-19 we believe it is best to put everyone’s health and safety first,” Smith said. “This will not be a setback, but a push forward by creating a new normal for the industry and creating more of a personal, individualized experience for our customers.”


About Southerland: Southerland has been making quality mattresses in the U.S. since 1893. Using only best-in-class materials and components, Southerland currently sells its line of mattresses and adjustable bases throughout 43 states. By implementing its stringent quality assurance program, Southerland manufactures mattresses that are backed by the company’s “making it right” philosophy that stands behind every product delivered. Each of its products is delivered to retailers via its wholly-owned transportation company. The company’s six production and distribution facilities in Nashville, Tennessee; Phoenix; Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; and Tualatin, Oregon, total more than 470,000 square feet.