Some Bedding Brands Are Seeing Sales Growth During The Pandemic

Amidst the many difficulties the COVID-19 pandemic has created over the past few months, there have nevertheless been a few bright spots within the bedding industry. It has been heartening to see how quickly so many manufacturers were able to switch gears to make masks and donate beds to those in need. And for some mattress companies, this has actually been a period of growth. A number of bedding brands are reporting an uptick in sales this spring, with online sales in particular playing a major role in those successes. More than just highlighting a few lucky players, this underscores the resiliency of the bedding industry—and reinforces some of the key driving forces that compel consumers to buy.

With most of our country home-bound for the last two months, a number of consumers have taken this time to really reevaluate their homes. For some people, this has meant finally getting around to making necessary upgrades they have been putting off. For others, the stress and uncertainty may have compelled them to actively seek out more soothing creature comforts. At a time when many purchases may feel frivolous, a new mattress can seem like a sensible indulgence—one that will have ongoing effects on your mood and state-of-being.

But comfort is not the only driving force behind these bedding purchases. Sleep, in general, has also taken center stage during the pandemic. With normal routines out-of-whack, many people are experiencing a shift in their sleep habits. According to this survey from Sleep Standards, 77% of Americans are losing sleep over the Coronavirus pandemic—and 48% stated that feeling anxious was the main reason it was harder for them to fall asleep. At the same time, some people have found that the shake-up of their routines has led to them sleeping more than ever before. Either way, many people are thinking about their own sleep hygiene more than ever.

And with the global conversation around public health, there has also been greater focus on how important sleep is for our physical health and mental well-being. Studies have shown that adequate sleep helps maintain a strong immune response and minimizes the risk for life-threatening diseases and co-morbidities. It also has a clear and tangible effect on our mental health too; sleep is a vital part of managing issues like anxiety and depression.

With all of this attention around comfort and sleep, it is no wonder that consumers are making the decision to invest in new bedding products right now.

Casper is one of the mattress companies reporting strong sales over the past few months. Despite laying off 21% of its workforce in April, the boxed bed brand announced $113 million in sales during the first quarter, a 26.4% increase year-over-year. For just the month of April, the company’s sales grew 15% from 2019, with a 35% boost in ecommerce sales and 20% increase at retail partners. In addition to higher mattress sales, CEO Philip Krim told Yahoo Finance that Casper has seen greater demand for accessory products like sheets and pillows as well.

“I think people are just rethinking about every room in their house and doing larger purchases that they had put off,” Krim explained. “People are staying home feeling cozy and comfortable, and because they're not spending money on traveling and other things I think they're figuring out what parts of their life they can upgrade.”

Purple similarly saw an uptick during the first quarter of this year. The company’s sales grew 46.3% to hit $122.4 million—with direct-to-consumer orders sky-rocketing by 170% in April. And while the company had furloughed much of its manufacturing workforce at the start of the pandemic, it was back to operating at full capacity before Memorial Day. According to CEO Joe Megibow, the volume of the company’s sales has actually remained steady over these past few months—though the purchasing journey has changed.

“In our case, before COVID-19, more than half our mattresses were sold through brick and mortar,” Megibow told Yahoo Finance. “That has shifted almost entirely online.  That brick-and-mortar premium customer is still buying. We have effectively seen no decrease in unit sales over the last one and a half months. Just a seismic channel shift in where the customer is buying (offline to online).”

A few weeks ago, the Sleep Retailer team spoke with Dani Serven, president and CEO of South Bay International, for our podcast series Motivating During The Pandemic. She noted that her company’s sales had already been trending upwards, and they did not appear to be slowing down anytime soon. Over the past eight years, South Bay has been investing in expanding its ecommerce operations—a move that Serven said had prepared the company for this unique moment in time. Listen to our full conversation with Serven here.

LOGICDATA is another company seeing a growth in sales during the pandemic, thanks to swift enhancements to its ecommerce solutions. The adjustable base maker more than doubled its sales in April and May, and expects that this “record-breaking” growth will continue into June. The company has attributed this success to its ability to support its retail customers with nimble digital solutions.

“Our products were built for the online world, and given the explosive growth in web traffic during the pandemic, we’ve been able to generate a lot of opportunities helping retailers navigate and adapt to new buyer patterns,” said company president Dexter Weber. “LOGICDATA is unique in that we manufacture 100% of the electronics and mechanics ourselves, giving us a strong supply chain that is continuing to scale up production to stay ahead of growing demand. With our ready-to-roll, turn-key SILVER Series e-commerce business model, retailers can start selling online today.”

And just this past week, we caught up with Stuart Carlitz, president and CEO of Eclipse International—who noted that their licensing partner Saatva has also been experiencing steady sales throughout the course of the pandemic. Listen to our full conversation with Carlitz here.

Unsurprisingly, most of the bedding brands touting steady or increased sales are those that had already established ecommerce operations. With the majority of brick-and-mortar stores shuttered, consumers have grown even more comfortable buying a mattress online. But it’s not just online brands that are doing well. Some traditional manufacturers have also seen growth during the pandemic: Tempur Sealy is reporting that sales increased by 19% in the first quarter, hitting $822.4 million.

Even in times of uncertainty, sleep is more than just a fact of life—it is a vital part of our overall health and well-being. And bed makers and sellers play a major role in helping our communities get the rest they need to live their best lives.

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