Sleep Innovations Shows Next-Generation Gel-Infused Memory Foam at NY Home Textiles Market

Sleep Innovations unveiled its next-generation of Gel-Infused Memory Foam technology today at the New York Home Textiles Market.

With improved thermal performance and superior support, this next-generation foam helps to reduce heat retention, maintain a cooler sleep surface and provide a better night’s sleep.

“As the pioneers and world’s largest producer of Gel-Infused Memory Foam, our goal was to develop a new formula that would allow consumers to experience a more comfortable night’s sleep, while still enjoying the same level of temperature regulation and support they have come to expect from our products,” said Michael C. Thompson, President and CEO of Sleep Innovations. “With the development of this next-generation gel technology, consumers can now select from an array of Sleep Innovations Gel-Infused Memory Foam products and choose the custom sleep solution that best meets their needs.”

Since Gel-Memory Foam’s introduction into the market place, the Sleep Innovations’ Product Development Team has been committed to the advancement of this technology. Sleep Innovations Gel-Memory Foam technology draws heat away from the sleep surface, relieves pressure-point discomfort and improves air-circulation for a more comfortable, balanced sleep.

“Testing demonstrates, that the next-generation Gel-Memory Foam maintains its temperature regulating qualities 50 percent longer than current Gel-Memory Foams, while retaining all of the comfort and support characteristics that have made Gel-Memory Foam so popular,” said Michael Loomis, Executive Vice President of Business and Product Development at Sleep Innovations.

Next-generation Gel-Infused Memory Foam products from Sleep Innovations will be on display at the 2012 New York Market, March 5-8, in the Sleep Innovations showroom.

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About Sleep Innovations: Sleep Innovations designs and manufactures advanced memory foam comfort products for the bedroom and around the home. Through extensive clinical and consumer testing, Sleep Innovations has found that its breakthrough foam solutions help to improve the quality of its consumers’ lives.