Shoemaker To Retire From King Koil In Summer 2018

King Koil Chief Operating Officer, Owen Shoemaker, will retire from the company on Aug. 31 after nearly a decade with the brand and 40 years in the sleep products industry.

“Advancing international marketing and activity in the King Koil global community has been the most important contribution for me. King Koil around the world is decidedly dynamic and effective as a brand of preference, style and leadership,” said Shoemaker. “I have enjoyed my years with King Koil. Our people are exceptionally bright and enthusiastic in every corner of the earth. Our new team here in the U.S. will carry our success forward. I have been truly blessed.”

“Owen has a been a wonderful steward of our brand. The board and I are grateful for his hard work, commitment and dedication to our customers, licensees and business partners. Even during some of the most trying times in his personal life, his leadership kept our company at the forefront of our industry,” said King Koil Chief Executive Officer David Binke. “He has been a personal friend of mine for a long time. When I assumed my new position with the company, he stood by me as a partner in helping me create our new business model and working with our licensees as we moved the company in a new direction. He also has been a terrific mentor to some of the new talent we have brought to the company since I came aboard.”

Last year, Shoemaker and his family moved back to San Diego and this move will enable him to spend more time with them and doing other things that he enjoys.

In addition to his international success with King Koil, Shoemaker was credited with refocusing its brand identify by updating and unifying its logo, messaging and innovative products. The World Luxury Collection was one of his major successes, bringing a consistency of design and focus that has never existed before in the company. It brings a more luxurious product to international licensees, in a series that could be replicated in both developed and developing markets like Australia, China, the Middle East, Eastern Europe and Russia.

“When I first came to King Koil in 2009, a large map of the world adorned the office conference room wall and I was impressed with the large array of locations across so many continents,” he added. “When my responsibilities and travel in 2012 exposed me to the dedicated and talented people in those countries, I was fascinated with the success they were creating with our company.”

Before joining King Koil, Shoemaker was the regional vice president of business development at Kingsdown Inc.; vice president of business development at Nature’s Rest; head of business development and sales at Latex Foam Products, which is known today as Talalay Global; and director of stores and vice president of sales at Ortho Mattress.


About King Koil: A leading global mattress manufacturer, King Koil supports more than 30 licensees in more than 90 countries where King Koil mattresses are manufactured and sold. Headquartered in the Chicago suburb of Willowbrook, Illinois, the company operates a 90,000-square-foot manufacturing facility in Avondale, Arizona. King Koil has a long, rich history that reaches back to 1898 when Samuel Bronstein founded United States Bedding in St. Paul, Minnesota. What started out as six employees in a small factory has continued to grow. During the 1930s, U.S. Bedding improved the bedspring and was looking for a new name for its product. From there, the King Koil name was born.