Shifman Mattress Honors Top-Selling Mattress Retailers

To celebrate its loyal, successful retail partners, Shifman Mattress recently honored its three top-selling Shifman Mattress retailers with company awards. The retailers were selected based on volume during the prior year. Bill Hammer, president of Shifman Mattress, visited each retailer to personally thank the stores for their continued support. Shifman’s partner program, “The Shifman Difference,” offers its retailers higher average unit sales, high gross margins, distinctive product offering, unmatched customer satisfaction and the lowest return rate in the industry providing retailers with a competitive edge over other retailers.

A Platinum Achievement Award was presented to McKay’s Furniture. McKay’s has been Rhode Island and Southeast New England’s quality furniture leader for over 117 years and a Shifman dealer for over 20 years. When asked how the partnership with Shifman has impacted their business, Kerry McKay who is a 3rd generation owner said, “We have dealt with multiple bedding lines throughout the years and sold thousands of pieces of bedding. Never before have we had the PLEASURE of dealing with a firm so committed to the quality of their products as the Shifman Mattress Company. This allows McKay’s Furniture to provide our valued customers one of the finest bedding products in the world! McKay’s continues to grow and prosper with Shifman Mattress and look forward to continuing the outstanding partnership that we have developed.”

Benjamin T. Moyer, located in Sunbury, Pennsylvania, was presented with the Gold Achievement Award. Moyer has offered quality home furnishings since 1935 and has been a Shifman dealer for 82 years. Owner Dave Moyer expressed how his partnership with Shifman gives him a great feeling, knowing a manufacturer is working towards the same goal. He said, “I can think of no other manufacturer that works with their dealers like Shifman Mattress. Shifman is the only manufacturer that we work with that sits down with us multiple times per year and analyzes our business and provides quality feedback on advertising, product mix and stock levels. They are very hands-on and that is appreciated.” He continued, “We sell more Shifman Mattresses than anything else in our store which gives them the highest GMROI and sales per square foot than any other vendor in our store. We also receive almost 100 % positive feedback from our customers about the Shifman Mattresses. The impact on our business is positive both in sales and customer satisfaction.”

Gladhill Furniture, a family-owned business in the heart of Middletown, Maryland received the Silver Achievement Award. Gladhill has been a Shifman partner for over 5 years, and reached a milestone of 100 years providing its customers the finest custom design pieces.

“Shifman is proud to have these retailers as a partner and look forward to helping them continue to grow their mattress business," noted Hammer. "The strength of the Shifman Difference and the support of its dealers is a winning combination for all parties involved. I would like to thank each and every Shifman dealer for being a part of the Shifman brand and story.”

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About Shifman Mattress: Shifman is a leading designer and manufacturer of luxury, hand-crafted mattresses that are built with the same commitment to quality, integrity and true craftsmanship by which the company was founded on over 124 years ago. A family-owned company, Shifman operates under the management of the Hammer family. Today, the company operates out of an 84,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Newark, NJ. Shifman has a proven track record of creating strategic partnerships with its dealers to increase retail sales and customer satisfaction.