RWS Launches Durable Goods Industry’s First Marketing Automation Solution for Independent Retailers

WebFronts ‘one-stop digital marketing shop’ now boasts the latest in security, user intelligence and a bevy of marketing automation features

Retailer Web Services (RWS) announced the release of WebFronts Level 4, the latest and most dynamic version of RWS’s proprietary digital marketing software developed exclusively for independent durable goods retailers. WebFronts Level 4 combines the compelling web design and robust e-commerce functionality RWS retailer customers have come to expect, with enhanced end-to-end security, prospect and customer profiling, and sophisticated marketing automation features.

More than 250 of RWS’s retailer customers across the country have upgraded to Level 4, which became available on April 1 following an expanded beta of 200 retailers. Fully-integrated, WebFronts Level 4 includes:

  • End to end security with the latest privacy protection: WebFronts Level 4 includes a unique SSL Certificate for each retailer; it uses HTTPS to protect users’ privacy and security end-to-end. Also, Level 4 has the latest Privacy Policy and Terms of Service language in compliance with federal and state privacy legislation.
  • Progressive profiling and session analytics: Level 4 tracks what each individual consumer looks at and does while on a retailer’s site. This functionality turns anonymous prospective customers into known contacts sooner than ever before and provides detailed information on what each prospect is interested in purchasing. This intelligence is available for view on demand; it also powers a variety of automatic re-marketing activities without any effort or action required of the retailer.
  • Pre-made promotions: 80 (and counting) pre-made, professionally designed promotions are available to retailers to run on their Level 4 sites. Each promotion includes elements such as banners, dynamic landing pages, social media posts and re-marketing emails—all of which run automatically and integrate seamlessly. Promotions include applicable rebates, buying group exclusive programs, new product launches and more. With the click of a button, retailers can subscribe to run all applicable promotions from a given brand, i.e., “set it and forget it,” or control which promotions to run one by one.
  • Automated Facebook posts: When a pre-made promotion begins, Level 4 automatically posts it to the retailer’s Facebook page. All posts appear as though they have been posted by the retailer and lead consumers to the dynamic landing page about the promotion on the retailer’s WebFront.
  • Email re-marketing: Level 4 uses intelligent technology to send targeted marketing emails to the right consumer at the right time. These emails contain compelling offers on the type of product WebFronts “knows” individual consumers are interested in purchasing and directs them to the dynamic landing page about the promotion on the retailer’s site. These emails appear to come directly from the retailer; this activity happens automatically without any effort or action required of the retailer.

“The unprecedented rise of the digital consumer has changed the game for independent retailers,” said RWS Chief Operating Officer Jennie Gilbert. “Our software must keep up with retailers’ need to know their customer and learn their preferences earlier in the buying cycle than ever before. WebFronts must reach out to the right prospect at the right time with relevant, compelling offers that result in more sales. Level 4 does this and remains easy for retailers to manage given limited time and staffing resources.”

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About Retailer Web Services: Founded in 2006, Retailer Web Services (RWS) is a Scottsdale, Ariz.-based provider of proprietary e-commerce, web design and other high-performance software solutions to help independent retailers achieve success. A champion of independent retailers, RWS is an authoritative source on durable goods product data and consumer purchasing habits. RE:THiNK: 11 surprising things you should do now to win retail customers in the digital age (RWS, 2015) provides actionable advice grounded in the way consumers shop for durable goods. RWS serves more than 2,000 independent durable goods retailers across North America.