Royal-Pedic Expands to South Africa and the Middle East

After 65 years Beverly Hills-based, Royal-Pedic will take its first steps toward international expansion by opening three stores in South Africa and additional locations in the Middle East.

Royal-Pedic has signed a licensing agreement with Zamhat Trading Ltd. of Cape Town, South Africa, that will result in the first shop opening in suburban Johannesburg by the end of the year. Once the first store opens its doors, additional locations will be selected in South Africa. All the shops will have a similar look and feel to Royal-Pedic’s signature location in Beverly Hills.

“There’s an elite group of people in South Africa who are interested in luxury goods, but they often must travel abroad to purchase them. More manufacturers are recognizing the opportunity in this emerging market and high-end producers are beginning to come to them. We see this as Royal-Pedic’s chance to get in at the ground level to target an underserved niche market – it’s an extraordinary opportunity for growth” said Royal-Pedic CEO, Tony Kelemen.

All stores established by Zamhat Trading Ltd. will bear the Royal-Pedic name and offer a full spectrum of Royal-Pedic products, including its Natural Organic Collection and at select locations, its top of the line Dream Spring Mattress Collection. Modeled after the Beverly Hills shop, the overseas locations will sell only Royal-Pedic products to include top-of-bed items such as linens, pillows, and comforters, with 10 to 15 mattresses on the showroom floors. The company does anticipate making some design alterations to its products in order to accommodate overseas preferences, including adjusting mattress sizes and adding wooden legs to mattress foundations as preferred in South Africa.

“We were looking for a high-end, couture mattress maker with a compelling story. Royal-Pedic has that – it’s a family business with a long history of serving a celebrity clientele. We are excited to bring Royal-Pedic’s exceptional quality mattresses to the African market. With their accessible price points, this is an attainable extravagance for our target consumers,” said Zamhat CEO, Zeyad Minty.

All Royal-Pedic products sold abroad will continue to be manufactured at the company’s Wilmington, CA facility. The company anticipates hiring more employees as stores open abroad and demand increases.

“Luxury consumers in these emerging markets want the panache of owning a product that is made in America. By continuing our tradition of hand-crafting exceptional mattresses in Southern California, we give consumers the authentic product they’re looking for, while ensuring the quality expected of all products bearing the Royal-Pedic name,” said Kelemen.

Royal-Pedic’s agreement also calls for potential expansion into other African countries as well. Meanwhile, the first Middle Eastern location is projected to open in 2013.

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About Royal-Pedic: For more than 65 years Royal-Pedic has been producing a broad line of hand-crafted, custom-made luxury mattresses and pillow-top pads. With the Kelemen family at the helm for nearly three decades, Royal-Pedic has expanded its mattress offerings and currently sells its high-end mattresses and accessories to more than 100 independent retailers nationwide. Royal-Pedic continues to manufacture all products domestically at its Wilmington, California plant – providing its dealers with quick turnaround for their customers, while maintaining the highest quality standards. With its headquarters and showroom in Beverly Hills, Royal-Pedic serves a vast celebrity clientele – including some of the biggest names in movies, music, and sports.