Rhode Island Legislature Adjourns without Voting on Mattress Recycling Bills

A used mattress recycling program help prevent sights like the one above.

The Rhode Island state legislature has adjourned without voting on several used mattress recycling bills pleasing the Virginia-based, International Sleep Products Association (ISPA).  If passed, the bills would impose significant additional costs on mattress manufacturers, retailers and consumers.

ISPA has been pushing for a national mattress recycling program to, as an alternative to state recycling programs like those proposed in Rhode Island and other states.

“ISPA firmly believes that the best approach to efficiently recycling used mattress materials is to do this nationally. This will encourage economies of scale which will result in more efficient recycling and lower costs. It will also create a uniform set of rules regardless of where the new mattress was bought or the used mattress was discarded. State-specific programs will inevitably lead to inconsistencies from one state to the next and higher recycling costs,” said ISPA President, Ryan Trainer.

ISPA has been working since the 1980s to encourage responsible recycling of used mattress materials and supports the development of legitimate recycling operations. The association will continue to work with state and local governments to address the mattress disposal challenges that municipalities face while continuing to advocate for a broad-ranging national solution.

To learn more, visit www.sleepproducts.org.

About the International Sleep Products Association: Established in 1915, ISPA)is dedicated to protecting and enhancing the growth, profitability and stature of the mattress industry. As the industry’s trade organization, ISPA represents nearly 700 mattress manufacturers and suppliers throughout the world.