Reverie’s International Reach To Span 17 Countries By 2019

Sleep technology company, Reverie, continues to grow its international footprint. By 2019, the brand’s products will be available in 17 countries. Through its strategic partnerships with retailers and distributors around the world, Reverie’s Dream Cell mattresses and adjustable bases have gained popularity abroad from Australia to Iceland to Panama.

Currently sold in 11 countries, Reverie will bring on board six new international partners by early next year. In addition to Australia, Iceland and Panama, Reverie products are sold in China, Mexico, South Korea, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, Kuwait and Colombia. Countries on the horizon include Brazil, Canada, India, Ireland, Portugal and Thailand.

“The popularity of adjustable sleep systems is growing throughout the world.  We see great opportunity to increase Reverie’s reach globally by partnering with the market leaders in each region,” said Martin Rawls-Meehan, president and CEO of Reverie. “The appetite for our products continues to grow. The key to much of our success lies in our innovative DNA, and we have the product expertise, ingenuity and team in place to tackle our growth plans.”

The distributor in South Korea has made significant investments in local marketing, advertising and social media under the moniker Reverie Korea to build the business. The entity is pushing Reverie products throughout the country by working with leading retailers to create Reverie-branded pop-up stores within the stores.

In Panama, Reverie has partnered with Kennedy Home Stores, a 30-year-old retailer with reach throughout Central America and the Caribbean, to sell three leading adjustable bases.

Reverie’s international rollout is supported by its product design team, which reengineers products custom for each market. Because mattress sizes are not standard throughout the world, Reverie’s product lineup must be reconfigured for each international market..

“The Reverie brand continues to gain recognition throughout the world, and we continue to build a great network of retail partners and distributors through our ability to customize product to meet their consumers’ needs,” added Rawls-Meehan “Our desire to help people sleep better doesn’t stop at the U.S. border. We are a worldwide operation, and we’re committed to delivering on our brand promise no matter the country.”


About Reverie: Founded in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, in 2003, Reverie is a revolutionary sleep technology company dedicated to helping people sleep better so they can live better lives. Rooted in its mastery of sleep science, Reverie believes everybody is unique and needs customized sleep solutions that fit their individual needs. As a result, the company has become known for its patented Dream Cell latex foam springs which may be easily reconfigured to adjust firmness levels. Combined with its award-winning adjustable bases, Reverie is dedicated to providing the most comfortable sleep possible. Reverie’s newest offering, Sleep Coach, provides consumers personalized sleep consultations—taking its mission of helping people get a better night’s sleep further than ever before.