Reverie Will Begin U.S. Manufacturing of Adjustable Bases

Reverie is beginning to manufacture its popular adjustable bases in the United States from its Silver Creek location, starting with the company’s latest introduction, the 7S (Supreme). The move will allow Reverie to better serve its customers, who will benefit from faster turnaround times on orders and added customization capabilities.

Reverie points to the new aesthetic for the 7S as an example of the customization capable with domestic production. The 7S features an upholstered dual outer base frame with a proprietary patent pending ‘deck-on-deck’ design that is being offered in five color choices. With domestic assembly and shipping, the company will have greater flexibility to offer a variety of existing and new consumer options. Additionally, Reverie will work with its private label partners to offer them the ability to personalize the company’s bases - both aesthetically and functionally.

“This decision makes sense from both a customer service and economic standpoint. U.S. manufacturing gives our customers what they need with a faster turnaround,” said Reverie Chief Operating Officer Jack Eppolito. “Bringing our adjustable base manufacturing to the U.S. is something we’ve been actively pursuing for some time, and we’re excited that we’re now able to do this at a competitive price. We see real value in having manufacturing in the USA and supporting the local economy.”

Reverie’s research and development as well as production of all Reverie mattresses are already based in the United States at the company’s Silver Creek, New York plant. Production of the 7S will begin in January, 2013.

Reverie’s 7S is the company’s most technologically advanced base on the market, featuring built-in wireless connectivity capabilities that introduce the concept of “bedroom automation” to the industry, giving consumers the most ergonomic, seamless bedroom technology experience possible. The 7S will debut at the Winter Las Vegas Market.

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About Reverie: Reverie is a leading manufacturer of innovative adjustable beds, mattresses and pillows to the trade and directly to consumers. The company operates facilities in Massachusetts, Michigan and New York, where production, distribution, and research and development take place. Reverie manufactures its products in the United States and continues to be a cutting-edge leader and innovator in the sleep products industry.