Reverie ‘Sleep Coach’ Program Yields Positive Results At Retail

Continually focused on improving lives through the power of sleep, sleep products manufacturer Reverie has enhanced its Reverie Sleep Coach program with additional content, more coaches and an elevated customer experience based on feedback and demand from its retail network. Unveiled earlier this year, the program is available nationwide for consumers desiring healthier sleep and offers retailers a selling advantage in today’s hyper-competitive sleep products marketplace.

The cornerstone of the consultative program – the first of its kind in the sleep products category – is Reverie’s certified sleep coaches, trained to the company’s exacting standards to deliver great results for consumers challenged by sleep woes, a growing concern in today’s fasted-paced world. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that less than a third of American adults get the recommended seven hours a night of sleep. The organization also reports that poor sleep hygiene is linked to chronic diseases like diabetes, depression and heart disease.

“We’re encouraged by the early results and engagement Reverie Sleep Coach is generating. As the industry’s leader in sleep solutions, our program is the perfect tool to help consumers enjoy a healthier lifestyle through positive sleep habits,” said Martin Rawls-Meehan, president and CEO of Reverie. “Sleep-hungry consumers who understand the power of sleep will be asking for Reverie to help deliver true sleep solutions.”

Reverie Sleep Coach is available in two formats – a digital plan with curated content based on an individual’s sleep profile and a premium model featuring one-on-one training with a certified Sleep Coach.

While consumers will feel the benefit of improved sleep by working with a coach, retailers selling Reverie Sleep Coach are reaping the benefits of building lasting relationships with their customers. The tangible solution is also helping reduce product returns and increase RSA engagement with consumers.

“Many of our retail partners who weren’t involved in the initial rollout are anxious to get started with their own program,” said Rawls-Meehan. “They recognize that selling consumers a great bed isn’t enough. Helping them develop better sleep habits is equally important. Also, retailers are eager to provide consumers with a better in-store experience, and Sleep Coach delivers that while setting retailers apart in the marketplace.”

Developed in concert with Reverie’s sleep advisory board of leading experts in the field of medicine, sleep scientists and psychologists from some of the top universities in the country, the program is individualized based on a consumer’s unique sleep profile.

Reverie Sleep Coach allows retail sales associates to sell the program as a stand-alone sale or as an add-on sale to products purchased that includes sleep quizzes, snooze reports with tips on how to improve sleep and a downloadable guide that can help consumers reset their sleep protocol if they’ve fallen out of sync and the one-on-one coaching for the premium program.

Reverie has created an online presence for Sleep Coach that provides more information on the program. Complete details will be available in Reverie’s Las Vegas showroom, space B-925. The Las Vegas Market takes place July 29-Aug. 2.


About Reverie: Founded in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, in 2003, Reverie is a revolutionary sleep technology company dedicated to helping people sleep better so they can live better lives. Rooted in its mastery of sleep science, Reverie believes everybody is unique and needs customized sleep solutions that fit their individual needs. As a result, the company has become known for its patented Dream Cell™ latex foam springs which may be easily reconfigured to adjust firmness levels. Combined with its award-winning adjustable bases, Reverie is dedicated to providing the most comfortable sleep possible. Reverie’s newest offering, Sleep Coach, provides consumers personalized sleep consultations—taking its mission of helping people get a better night’s sleep further than ever before.