Reverie Opts Out Of The Las Vegas Summer Market

For the first time in 15 years, Reverie will not attend this summer's Las Vegas Market.

“It was a difficult but necessary decision," said Reverie's VP of Sales, John Wanat. "As industry leaders, we look forward to this event as an opportunity to connect with our customers and cultivate valuable industry relationships. Market has also been our stage to debut our latest sleep technology solutions and further our mission of helping people live better lives through the power of greater sleep."

Reverie's reasons for not attending are related to the current pandemic and travel restrictions across the country. First and foremost, the company wants to keep its team and partners safe. The team has also observed that other attendees are abstaining due to similar concerns about the safety of travel and in-person meetings.

Instead, Reverie will continue to utilize innovative digital tools and resources to connect with retail partners. Always forward-looking and anticipating the evolving needs of its business, the company launched the Reverie Partner Network back in 2017 as an individualized digital experience for its customers. It provides retailers with exclusive access to new product introductions, comprehensive content on Reverie's products, training resources and the latest in sleep science. The Reverie Partner Network has experienced massive engagement and growth since its launch - but in the current conditions, it has become essential. It has enabled Reverie to keep working with retail partners in an online environment that is safe.

"Reverie is a company built on a history of innovation," said Wanat. "The Reverie Partner Network continues that innovation in the realm of retail partner relationships. It has helped us adapt to changing business conditions in a tremendous way."

Still to come: Reverie is planning an intimate event in early 2021 that will feature interactive product demos, a first-hand look at the company's latest innovations, insights into the customer experience and knowledge from its expertise in the science of sleep. It's all part of the way the agile company continues to navigate an entrepreneurial industry experiencing unusual change.


About Reverie: Founded in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan in 2003, Reverie is a revolutionary sleep technology company dedicated to helping people sleep better so they can live better lives. Rooted in its mastery of sleep science, Reverie believes everybody is unique and needs customized sleep solutions that fit their individual needs. As a result, the company has become known for its patented Dream Cell™ latex foam springs which may be easily reconfigured to adjust firmness levels. Combined with its award-winning adjustable bases, Reverie is dedicated to providing the most comfortable sleep possible.