Reverie Educates About Sleep’s Role In Scholastic Success

In a move to build on its mantra that sleep holds the power to success, sleep systems manufacturer Reverie will host a special webinar dedicated to back-to-school sleep strategies to arm consumers with knowledge about the impact sleep can have on children’s academic success. Hosted by Dr. Dawn Dore-Stites, a clinical psychologist who specializes in adolescent sleep issues, the webinar will discuss the benefits healthy sleep can deliver to children and about the detriment of sleep deprivation.

Reverie; Dawn Dore-Stites

The company’s educational push is part of its commitment to working to improve sleep hygiene for children and parents. Both groups rank among the most sleep-deprived segments of the population. The latest webinar – “Back-to-School Sleep Strategies” – is part of Reverie’s Sleep is the New campaign that focuses on all aspects of sleep and the benefits healthy sleep delivers.

Webinar attendees will learn about the impact sleep has on learning, growth and mental health as well as how to pinpoint signs that children are not sleeping well or getting enough sleep. Dore-Stites will also outline specific solutions for helping children get the right amount of sleep to be successful.

A national speaker on pediatric issues, Dore-Stites holds a doctorate in clinical psychology from Western Michigan University. She is a faculty member at the University of Michigan Medical School where she works primarily with children and teens struggling with sleep issues. She is a national speaker on pediatric issues and a board member of nonprofit Sweet Dreamzzz. Dore-Stites is also mom to a busy toddler, giving her first-hand knowledge of sleep deprivation.

The 45-minute webinar is set for Thursday, Sept. 14 at 10 a.m. Eastern, and online registration is now available for the webinar .

“We know the impact a good night’s sleep can have on productivity and success, and there’s no back-to-school supply more important for strong academics [than] a good night’s sleep,” said Martin Rawls-Meehan, president and CEO of Reverie. “Parents sometimes miss the message that smart sleep is a key component to healthy children who are successful in the classroom. We hope to get this important information to parents by educating our retail partners on good sleep hygiene.”

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About Reverie: Reverie is a leading manufacturer of innovative adjustable beds, mattresses and pillows to the trade and direct to consumers. The company’s sales and marketing headquarters is located in Bloomfield Hills, Mich., while its production, distribution and customer service facilities are based in New York. Reverie manufactures select products in the U.S. and continues to be a cutting-edge leader and innovator in the sleep products industry.