REVEAL Technology Proven to Grow Sales Margins by 50%

As the foremost technology changing the retail mattress-buying experience, REVEAL is improving sales for retailers around the world. Created specifically for the mattress manufacturing and retail market by XSENSOR, the technology uses a highly accurate pressure imaging system to display a dynamic, high-resolution body pressure image that assists with mattress recommendations.

“This is our first time exhibiting at High Point Market and we are looking forward to demonstrating to the sleep industry professional attending the show how effective the REVEAL™ system can be as a sales support tool,” commented Richard Brass, Vice President of Sales for North America.

With 1,664 sensors to measure every inch of the body, REVEAL analyzes body surface pressures and gives unbiased, real-time recommendations of an appropriate mattress category. This recommendation helps customers feel confident that they have found the right mattress for their body type and sleep position.

Both retail clients and manufacturers have reported that REVEAL has helped to improve store performance by increasing closing rates by 80%. The technology has also been proven to grow sales margins by 50%, and has helped to reduce returns.

A large US mattress retailer stated that, “REVEAL technology allows us to create a better customer experience than we’ve been able to do in the past. Customers come into our showroom and see 30-50 mattresses, and REVEAL cuts out about 2/3 of them based on the customers’ sleep profile and price-point. So now our customers don’t have to try out all the beds in the store, and instead we can focus on what’s best for them.”

REVEAL is available in both mobile and stationary versions and also offers custom branding options letting retailers create their own unique shopping experience. The technology is built for maximum flexibility and durability for all mattress retail environments and is backed by the XSENSOR warranty. Besides demonstrating the REVEAL mattress recommendation system, XSENSOR will also be showcasing the system’s new reporting and tracking features.

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