RevCascade Launches “Extended Aisle” Drop-Shipping Program

RevCascade, a dropship technology platform that enables any retailer to launch, operate, and scale customizable dropship programs, recently announced the launch of the RevCascade Extended Aisle Program. Through a partnership with Wondersign, an interactive kiosk company, the program will bring drop-shipping to thousands of brick-and-mortar furniture stores across the country, with a beta program launching in Q4 2018. The partnership represents a sea change in physical retail, combining technologies for retailers to offer additional products to shoppers, regardless of space and inventory constraints.

Enabling any brick-and-mortar retailer to take advantage of a dropship business model, RevCascade’s Extended Aisle Program eliminates the significant startup and support costs of a proprietary system. Retailers automatically receive access to hundreds of brands and manufacturers through one simple integration. The platform provides end-to-end dropship automation from vendor onboarding, to product information management, merchandising, inventory updates, and transactions transaction data.

Wondersign’s interactive digital Catalog Kiosks allow shoppers and store associates to find items that are not available on the sales floor, ensuring that every customer finds what he or she needs, even if it is not in stock in the store. The kiosks monitor inventory in real time and close to 10,000 of them are already deployed in brick-and-mortar furniture stores across the U.S and Canada.

“We’re thrilled to be launching the RevCascade Extended Aisle Program and breaking new ground by partnering with Wondersign to bring dropshipping to brick-and-mortar furniture retailers across the country,” said Samantha Henderson, President and Cofounder of RevCascade. “it’s a win for all parties: retailers can expand their product selection and sales without inventory carrying costs, vendors can access retailers regardless of store size or location, and consumers get to complete their room while in their local store.”

Retailers looking to offer their shoppers extended aisles of product, conveniently delivered to their homes, simply sign up for an account with RevCascade to build out their dropship product catalog and order the Catalog Kiosk bundle from Wondersign. With the ability to select from a list of hundreds of vendors and thousands of products, retailers can curate their ideal assortment for the drop-ship program. New vendors are welcome to sign up with RevCascade to participate in this unique program.

Since the entire integration and setup takes only about two weeks before it’s ready to go live, retailers can still arrange to set up kiosks in stores before the holiday rush. The first version of the companies’ combined offering will be for small retailers, allowing their in-store customers to shop on the touchscreen kiosk and finalize the purchase on their mobile device.

“Our digital Catalog Kiosk is the virtual expansion of any brick & mortar showroom. It allows retailers to show their customers many products and variations that they would not otherwise be able to accommodate,” said Andy Reinhard, CEO of Wondersign. “By partnering with RevCascade, we’re ensuring that physical retailers have all the tools they need to offer their customers an unlimited selection and a convenient direct-to-consumer delivery experience.”

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 About RevCascade: RevCascade technology enables any retailer to rapidly launch, operate, & scale customized dropship programs that transform their business. The company has developed a simple, yet powerful and scalable, platform that enables retailers to launch, operate and scale their own dropship programs and helps brands connect to new and growing ecommerce channels. By automating what was previously a manual and inefficient process, RevCascade’s technology platform is helping brands and retailers leverage the massive, $700 billion global market opportunity that exists via online marketplaces today.

 About Wondersign: Wondersign is a cloud-based interactive digital signage company headquartered in Tampa, Florida with offices in California, Illinois and Switzerland. Wondersign develops and maintains “Catalog Kiosk”, the leading digital catalog software that allows retailers to display an endless aisle of products and better connect with today’s omni-channel shopper. Wondersign supports thousands of customers around the globe seven days a week.