REM-Fit Partners with Philadelphia Fire Department to Increase Personal Health and Wellness

Wearable technology has become part of everyone’s vernacular these days, especially when it comes to their health. People are captivated by how many steps they’ve taken in a day, calories they’ve burned, or flights of stairs they’ve climbed. However, unlike many fads from years gone by, health trackers are not only very popular – but they represent a growing trend in personal health and wellness.

A great example of this movement is taking place in Pennsylvania – where the Philadelphia Fire Department Union Local 22, with more than 2,000 firefighters, has partnered with REM-Fit to inspire and incentivize the use of health tracking technology, sparking a commitment from their firefighters to be more active.

Firefighters who participate in a health incentive program are able to receive an $800 “wellness bonus” for tracking their exercise during the year using the REM-Fit Active, a sleep and activity tracker, and offering an option to easily provide a detailed tracking report.

The REM-Fit Active uses a proprietary algorithm to let the user know how active they have been throughout the day and how soundly they have slept during the night. Other features of the Active include step counting, distance walked and calories burned. While some health trackers will display these stats exclusively on a smartphone or computer, REM-Fit Active also allows the user to print and email their workout regiment – making the reporting of these statistics turnkey.

As community partnership is a crucial pillar of the REM-Fit culture, the company offered these brave Philadelphia lifesavers and their family members a 50 percent discount on the product, allowing them to more easily reach their wellness bonus and improve the quality of their lives.

“We’re thrilled to partner with firefighters in Philly,” says James Bell, CEO of REM-Fit and Protect-A-Bed. “Maintaining a level of fitness each day is important, but so is quality sleep. It provides energy, prevents injury and helps you stay motivated to live a healthy life.”

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About REM-Fit: REM-Fit is an active lifestyle bedding brand that launched in Jan. 2014. It includes three product categories: REST, ENERGIZE and MOTIVATE Collections, with a selection of bedding, adjustable pillows and its latest invention – the Active sleep and activity tracker. It’s designed to help active people recover from exercise to reach fitness goals and improve overall wellbeing. REM-Fit is part of the overarching Protect-A-Bed brand, available in select stores and online.