REM-Fit Appoints Kevin Houston as Brand Ambassador

REM-Fit, the active lifestyle bedding and sleep technology brand from Protect-A-Bed, welcomes Kevin Houston has joined the company as the REM-Fit head coach and brand ambassador.

In his new role, Houston will be responsible for leading REM-Fit’s recovery tour with the Recovery Station, bringing a fitness perspective to future product development, and developing and managing REM-Fit’s sponsorship program for athletes. Houston will also implement wellness programs within the Protect-A-Bed company including personalized plans for each employee, and continue serving as the host of the REM-Fit Life weekly YouTube video series.

“Kevin’s passion for exercise, wellness and recovery coupled with helping others become better athletes has directly contributed to REM-Fit’s success,” said Protect-A-Bed CEO, James Bell. “His expertise will help us continue to grow our programs and help us stay ahead of the curve when it comes to fitness and sleep technology.”

Prior to joining REM-Fit, Houston was the acting REM-Fit coach for two years. At the same time, he also owned and operated The Box in Highland Park for three years. He previously served in the Navy for 10 years on the USS Annapolis, specializing in nuclear engineering.

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About REM-Fit: REM-Fit is an active lifestyle bedding brand that launched in January 2014. It includes four product categories: REST, ENERGIZE, MOTIVATE and SLEEP Collections, with a selection of bedding, adjustable pillows, Active sleep and activity trackers and mattresses. It’s designed to help active people recover from exercise to reach fitness goals and improve overall well-being. REM-Fit is part of the overarching Protect-A-Bed brand.