Relief Bed Launches, Giving Sleep to Those in Need

Scott Smalling, founder of the ComforPedic mattress brand, is proud to announce his "business with a mission” aimed at providing portable, foam filled, self-inflating mattresses to developing nations around the world where many people are forced to sleep on the ground. Relief Bed kicks off its giving program this month with its first shipment headed to Zambia, Africa.

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"Sleep is the number three biological need following water and food. Millions of people around the world either sleep on the hard ground, floor or on a couch which does not provide the proper back support or pressure relief to the body to ensure a rejuvenating nights rest,” said Smalling. “We plan to provide these strategically built beds while taking into consideration the recipient’s unique environment. We are confident that Relief Beds will be a positive step forward towards promoting improved health, strength and hope for a better tomorrow.”

To help bring this vision to life, Relief Bed has partnered with World Vision, one of the world’s leading humanitarian organizations, and Therm-a-Rest, the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of portable sleep solutions.

"Children are the most vulnerable population when faced with poverty, homelessness or natural disaster,” said World Vision Director of Corporate Engagement Angela Appleton. “The comfort and security of a bed in times of need can serve to improve health, healing and recovery. Health services in many areas where World Vision works are over-subscribed and greatly under-funded so much so that occupancy rates in hospitals and clinics can reach well over capacity, meaning that patients have to sleep on the floor or on makeshift beds in hallways or even outside. Relief Bed's donation will provide basic comfort for children as well as hospital in-patients. Its donations are meeting fundamental human needs in the most difficult of circumstances.”

Relief Bed’s key product was built around Smalling and Therm-a-Rest’s innovative foam and bedding expertise to build a bed that can withstand the rigors of an unpredictable outdoor environment while providing support and pressure relief to the user.

“Therm-a-Rest has been working for over 40 years designing and manufacturing camping mattresses that help bring comfort to the most challenging of conditions,” said Doug Jacot, Vice President, Therm-a-Rest. “We’re proud to bring that experience to Scott’s cause and help those most in-need of a warm, comfortable place to sleep.”

After requesting feedback from mission workers in the field, many unique factors had to be considered when creating the Relief Bed. Research concluded that Relief Beds needed to insulate the body from varying ground temperatures, which can disrupt your sleep; provide water repellency; be UV and insect resistant and be easy to clean. Another important feature is that the bed can roll up to less than a 1/2 a cubic foot from a substantial 72" long by 20" wide bed for ease and cost efficient transportation around the globe. In addition to these unique features, the Relief Bed is still able to provide support and pressure relief using Therm-a-Rest's proprietary adjustable air/foam technology, allowing users to customize the bed to their unique body size and comfort preference.

Smalling plans to raise money to support Relief Bed's mission through cause marketing projects in the sleep sector, public or private grants and crowd funding initiatives to name a few.

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About Relief Bed: Relief Bed founder and innovator Scott Smalling spent the last 30 years in the bedding and specialty foams market. Most noteworthy in his career, Scott was the original founder of the ComforPedic brand which manufactured and marketed premium priced memory foam mattresses. While at the helm of ComforPedic Smalling felt most fulfilled when he was leading outreach and disaster relief projects throughout the US. n early 2015, Smalling felt a prompt in his heart to create a bed that could be enjoyed by everyone, especially those that don’t have a bed! Relief Bed is the realization of that dream for Smalling, combining his expertise in providing better sleep with his passion for helping others.

About Therm-a-Rest: In 1971, a fortuitous mix of unemployed engineers, a leaky foam gardening pad, and the dream of a better way to sleep under the stars came together to forever change the outdoor experience. As climbers, Jim Lea, Neil Anderson and John Burroughs knew firsthand that long days in the hills were only made longer by a horrible night's rest, and a better sleeping pad was key to changing that equation. This blend of science and a desire to make the most of every day outdoors created the world's first self-inflating air mattress.