Regional Trade Shows Deliver Strong Results for Pure LatexBLISS

Over the past few months, Pure LatexBLISS has increased its investment in regional trade shows and buying group events, leading to a strong spike in new accounts and sales.

“We have found that shows like Tupelo, or the Mega Group and FurnitureFirst member shows are more intimate. The buyers are much more focused and come to these events wired to buy and make deals,” said Latex International Executive Vice President of Component and Direct-to-Retail Sales Ken Hinman. “Las Vegas markets are still very important, don’t get me wrong, but the rise in interest we have seen at regional shows and buying group events is an area where we are looking to put more of our trade show dollars.”

“The whole dynamic of these smaller shows are different. First, you tend to see current and prospective customers who might not regularly go to larger shows. We can spend more time with them, and more importantly, you actually close deals at these types of venues,” he added.

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About Pure LatexBLISS: Connecticut-based Pure LatexBLISS is one of the fastest growing luxury mattress brands in the world, manufacturing and marketing ultra premium mattresses made with the finest components available and delivering unprecedented value. When founded, Pure LatexBLISS used contract manufacturers and logistics partners. Today, the company does business in 14 countries with regional distribution centers and five showrooms worldwide.