Radium Foam Receives Cradle to Cradle Gold Certificate for Its Natural Vita Talalay

Radium Foam has developed a new formulation for its Natural Vita Talalay to further enhance the material’s health and environmental credentials. After obtaining the Silver Cradle to Cradle certification in 2013, the Radium Foam team continued to work on developing an even healthier product. In 2016, the company has launched a new unique formula that has successfully achieved the currently highest possible certification - Cradle to Cradle Gold. This marks Radium Foam's product as healthier for both humans and the environment. Radium Foam is the only company in the sleep industry that has a gold certificate.

Cradle to Cradle Gold is a quality certificate related to the fact that a product is a healthy choice. Cees Zielman, General Manager explains: “We think this is very important because it fits in with our vision to help our customers in their pursuit of a healthy lifestyle. We think that in addition to conscious eating, regular exercise and a good mood, good sleep is an important aspect of feeling healthier. These four aspects are inextricably linked to each other.”

As we always did, we would like to supply 100% pure, natural products that are also the safest for humans and the environment. The Cradle to Cradle method helps to continuously improve this. Therefore this endorsement fits perfectly with us. We see this as a real victory. "

Natural Vita Talalay latex, a superior ventilating comfort material for premium mattresses, toppers and pillows, was 100% chemically assessed and approved to a very extensive list of ingredients. This goes a lot further than the legislation asks. For this reason Radium Foam applied for another patent. “We expect that we now gained several years of competitive advantage in the bedding industry," Zielman remarks. "We are the healthiest material in the bedding market. “

The recipe is also safe for the environment as no harmful substances are in it. “Cradle to Cradle asks us also to produce the material responsibly with renewable energy. We are now almost fully transitioned to green energy," notes Zielman. "Thus we have now instead of what is called 'Energy neutral' become 'Energy Positive' material! That means we do not even take out our own CO2, but actually clean up CO2 for others. In other words, we deliver more oxygen than carbon dioxide.”

The Cradle to Cradle certification is a key selling point that resonates all over the world. In certain markets, there is a lot of demand for products that are safe for the environment. Other consumers are looking for health, wellness and comfort benefits, of the comfort material appeals. Radium Foam’s Natural Vita Talalay is a superior comfort material that emits no harmful chemicals—providing consumers with the assurance they’re looking for.

For more information, please visit vitatalalay.com.

About Radium Foam: Radium Foam manufactures and distributes Vita Talalay latex to more than 35 countries. The luxurious Talalay latex comfort material is in premium mattresses and pillows of a select group of bedding manufacturers and retailers. With Vita Talalay one has a durable, breathable material that easily dissipates heat, moisture and bacteria. In addition, Natural Vita Talalay, which is completely made of latex from the rubber tree, is Cradle to Cradle Gold Certified and therefore officially a very healthy choice.